Saturday, November 3, 2007

You & Me Shall Never Part

sister: [sis- ter] noun
1. a female offspring having both parents in common with another offspring
2. also called a half sister, a female offspring having only one parent in common with another offspring
3. a female friend or protector regarded as a sister

I have 8 siblings, and I'm a huge family person. That pretty much goes without saying. Everyone whose anyone knows that I adore my youngest sister (she's 3) to the utmost power. I worry about my older brothers more than I should. My youngest brother is my "little man", and it amazes me how much I think the one older than him is unlike any one of us, but how proud of him I am. Not to mention my two 11yr. old sisters who are like night and day. They get on my nerves, but I just want what's best for them. Nonetheless, my older sister and I have a bond unlike any other.

I'm sure most people, who get along with their siblings, believe they're close. However, I KNOW FOR A FACT, that the bond we share isn't comparable to that of another persons. I am truly learning to appreciate it now that we're older and there's more going on between us. Since I was younger, I've always admired her. If she did it, I did it. Her word was basically God. She stayed in North Carolina, and I stayed in Virginia. Our grandmother always tells us the story of when we first met. She introduced us, and my sister took me by the hand and showed me around the entire house. From that day forward,we were joined at the hip.. and don't think about seperating us. Whenever I would leave North Carolina for the summer, her house would be our last stop, and it always resulted in tears. When I moved to North Carolina for highschool, no one could stand us. She lost ALL her friends in my defense, and didn't have one complaint to speak of.

These might not seem like major events, and truthfully, they aren't. You have to witness it to understand.
-We share everything [ie: when we go out to eat, we make sure we get what the other doesn't so that we can eat off each others plates]
-We live through each other vicariously, meaning what happens to one of us happens to both of us [ie: when she was pregnant with my niece, we were pregnant :)
-We sit extremely close to each other at all times [it's the weirdest thing because we'll sit down and randomly notice that we're basically sitting on top of each other]
-We hold hands in public [another weird thing.. some way or another, mid-conversation, we always end up holding hands.. just to notice that we're holding hands and seperate them :)
-We plot together [we take time to perfectly construct our lies (sad, but true), talk with each others boyfriends (before she was married) just to keep a close watch on what's happening
-I check in with her [been going out of town a lot lately, she's the "in case of emergency" person that knows where I am... as Christina said on Grey's Anatomy- "she's my person"]
-We laugh about nothing [you know that best friend you have nonverbal communication with? we have that.. we look at each other and start snickering- this used to make our stepmom think we were talking about her all the time :)
-People can't be around us for too long [her husband's jealous of us, yup, her husband.. even my niece is.. one time my sister was rubbin my head cause I had a headache, and out of nowhere, my niece dropped the laptop on my head.. apparently I was sitting on her mommy too long and my sister swears she didn't see her walking over with a laptop :)
-I had a hard time giving a toast/speech to her marriage at her wedding [guess I'm jealous of her husband just as much as he is of us.. but "I had her first" :)
-When one of us cries, the other cries... even if we don't know why we're crying [if she calls and I hear sadness in her voice, my tears involuntarily start to fall, and she starts crying when she had been doing good at not crying.. than I go and mess it up]
-We compare ourselves to the sisters in The Color Purple [I'm Celie, she's Nettie-even though Celie is really the older sister.. I always say she's the one who got the rocks thrown at her]
-She was the first person to sit me behind the wheel and teach me how to drive [in her old car, formally known as Putt Putt]

I'm rambling, but I just want someone to understand how close we are. She doesn't pass judgement when I do things that are out of line, even if they end up reflecting poorly on her. She just points out the error in my actions, and leaves the rest to me. We can talk about everything and anything. We have NEVER gotten into an argument. Hell, she's threatened my dad for me (and you might not know, but my dad's a big dude), that's love.

Basically, we're the epitome of sisterhood.

So much for being modest right? Truthfully though, I am more than greatful for our relationship. God knew what we was doing when he made us siblings. It's ironic cause our younger sisters can't be around each other more than 15minutes without arguing, and I always tell them that's not acceptable. However, my dad always tells me that the relationship me and my older sister have isn't the norm... and I've come to realize, he's right (for once).. and I'm glad about that.

With all that being said, I love you "Nettie"

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"You and me shall never part,
You and me- we have one heart,
Aint no mountain, aint no sea...
That could keep my sister away from me" -The Color Purple

2fingers and blessings,


  1. "2nd Letter"November 4, 2007 at 10:57 PM

    This is beyond heartwarming.
    And wow, you really did have one hell of a month (in regards to your previous blog).

    Good luck in New York, you're going to be FIRE! And you're so lucky...(in regards to your previous blog).

    And you are truly blessed, hun.
    I'm very happy for you. And I know you're happy for you.

    -Chucked Deuce-
    Be....with the e on the end.

  2. Aww I appreciate that boo, just what I needed to hear (especially during these troubling times!). You know you wrong for saying daddy was finally right for once.. nah, you right, LOL!

  3. Hi,

    I dont normally post comments on blogs and I didnt even mean to look for this one...i stumbled upon this looking for the lyrics to the color purple quote (you and me shall never part), which i use at least once a week when im leaving a friend or even co worker because for some reason i find it hyserical. Anyway, i have 2 sisters both "half sisters" one 5 years older the other ten years older sister would kill me, seriously shoot me dead if she knew that i was calling her my half sister, she cried one time when i said it and told me never to say it again... currently I am not talking to my younger sister , shes 18 because she lied to me and made a huge decision (dropping out of school *screams at the top of my lungs!!!)) without telling me and i told myself that I couldnt bear to speak to her again (like ever again)... especially since i went through so much to get her in school...we werent raised together and Ididnt really know her well until she was 14 and I was 24...i feel more like a parent at times than her sister and I didnt want to "waste"more time trying to fix her life...I am sitting at my desk now at work and I am fighting back the urge to cry because this article just inspired me...i want to have a relationship with her where we can hold hands down the street, or cry when the other is crying...I need it just as much as she needs me right now..thank you for your inspiration, i hope thats you and your sister are doing well...i now this was more than 3 years ago when you wrote I hope it has been filled with hand holding and love since then!
    Me and my sisters shall never part!*claps hands*
    Thank you!

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