Sunday, November 4, 2007

God-Given Poet

There's a saying that goes,
"Natural talent is God's gift to you, what you do with it is your gift to God."

This weekend, I went to New York and spoke during open mic at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. I was a bit hesitant to speak because I hadn't been on stage reciting my poetry in a while. Nonetheless, the feeling I had as I walked off the stage was liberating. It reminded me that when I'm on stage reciting the words I've put together to form meaningful messages.. I am living out my passion.

While at the bus terminal headed to New York, the manager issuing my ticket at the front desk asked me if I was going to NY for a day of shopping. I told him that I was going to NY to perform. The clerk at the desk asked me if I was a dancer. My reply was-
"No, I am a poet."
I had never claimed the title to myself aloud. I have been called a poet by others, but never said the words for myself to hear. It felt good. Felt natural... and I got to thinking about a poem where this guy questions why someone decided to call themselves a poet. He was saying that just because you wrote one good piece doesn't make it who you are. So, while at the Nuyorican- I ask myself, "Self, what gives you the right to call yourself a poet?"

My soul responded with these words:
"I am a poet. Not because I make words rhyme when tranferring messages or because I have a niche for performing at coffee houses, but because I wake up and fall asleep thinking about words and writing. It's not a hobby, it's a calling. I'm the one who thinks of the captions to pictures as I take them. My friends call me when they want a catchy phrase for their myspace name and headline. My brain is stocked with lyrics from every genre of music, phrase, or quote that I've heard and liked.. and 9 times out of 10, these lyrics/phrases spill out in the midst of my conversations. I carry a pen and pad around for the rare occassions when my brain can't hold anymore information, and I hear something that I just have to remember. I am a poet because if I couldn't express my thoughts in written form, I would explode. God put words in me, thoughts in my head, ideas that have to be released. All I am is the vessel who does as it is instructed.. so when I feel the urge to write, I push my pen. I am a poet because that is what God intended me to be."

And though this answer may not have been enough for the man who put the initial question in my head. It was more than enough for me.

2fingers and blessings,
B aka: The God Given Poet

p.s. Photographers take pictures, poets put pictures into words and allow you to see the image in your minds eye just as clearly

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  1. "2nd Letter"November 5, 2007 at 11:35 AM

    This probably has to be my favorite post thus far. And as you know, there's no reason for me to explain why. So I'll just leave it at this.

    The population of poets your soul defines is very very small. And I am proud to be a part of it alongside you.

    -Chucked Deuce-