Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Do You Miss It?

So, the Misses asked me this question today [do you miss it?], and it's been a while since I put much thought into it. I mean, when things occur and the situations left my hands or controlling it is beyond my grasp, I'm forced to let go.

It really has me thinking though. As with most things, when one event occurs- in your head, well (only speaking for myself)- in my head, I subconsciously plan out the events that will follow. It is only natural to remind myself that things may not pan out this way. Afterall, this is life, I can only control myself, and only God knows how all things will play out. However, when things don't end up the way I decided they would (silly me), I'm truly affected by the outcome- as if I didn't know that the possibility of things turning out as I had hoped was 1 million to 9.

Do I miss "it"? [It being what truly was there] Na... when things don't have truth, they lack substance and feelings are fleeting. Do I miss what I thought I had? Who wouldn't. Happiness is blissful, but so is ignorance, and I prefer to be in the know.

Whatever the case, I was witness to a really good church sermon this weekend. What was I told? Stop playing the role of the victim when God has already placed you as the victor. Why am I waiting on blessings and bothered by the amount of time it takes to receive them when I am certain that at some point, regardless if it's when I like, I will be blessed. Truthfully, I am already blessed.

That's All I Have to Say About That,

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