Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks the day that this blog first began. I should've waited til' the actual time to post this so it wouldv'e been an actual year, but I'm a full time college student and I'd probably be busy at that exact moment. Geesh, I wish I had actually put the counter on this blog from the moment I created... who knows what the number would be. I know where my readers are.

Hey you guys!

Any expectations for 09'? Let me know. This time last year, I was being put up on some songs I never heard (as a result of not being from the DMV area and moving to Philadelphia)... O, how times have changed. Anywho, this song's a reflection of that. Do me a favor? Just take a little minute out to stop and think about where you were this time last year. When I say time, I'm not referring to the actual clock, but just around this month... what place were you at in life?

Things are still a tad shaky over here, but I can look back and see the good things that came out of every situation I rid myself of for one reason or another... craziness. If you weren't at Philalive last night, what are you doing with your life? Next Show (October 2nd) will be featured by Amanda Diva. Name doesn't ring bell? Google her, baby. We're talking HBO Def Poet in the house.

I Woke Up This Morning
The Sunshine Was Shining
I Put on my Happy Face,

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  1. cant wait for next thursday... i had to do this stupid theater thing for class n couldn't make it


    love ya