Thursday, September 25, 2008

When 2 Poems Collide

I finished this literally 2 hours ago.
It's kind of my sequel to my piece on hip hop and 'He, Me, and She'.
You figure it out.
Heerreeee we go (said in my best possible Slick Rick voice):

Baby girl
It's undeniable that you were my first love
But I'd been feeling like we were falling off
To put it plainly, and I'm sorry ms. lady
You didn't move me like you used to
And poet to poet, your words no longer sounded sincere
You had so many niggas disrespecting you
If they couldn't see you face down with your ass up
Most of them wasn't checking you
But I loved you... never wanted to see you unhappy

And there were a few who tried to honor you
Remind me what you stood for
Help people come off their cool, find forever
But there were others, no respect for big brothers
Had you open
All if took were games of call and response
Too easily, you lost focus

I think you got caught up in the hype
But I didn't take it lightly when I labeled you my wife
Stars would re-align, you'd come back to me
I just had to study your ways

And that's when it happened
Sitting in class
I ran across ya boys from 4th St.
Turn T, Graf, Break D, and MC
They reminded me where you came from
Brought my soul back vibin' to throwbacks
Put some patience back in my system

And this had me thinking of the person I never minded sharing you with
Normally, I was selfish
But he got you
Don't be mad when I say this
But he kinda got me too
It was our love for you that brought us together
Unlike us, I let him go sometime back- however
Kicking it hard with you again
Had me thinking about him
And he, me and she- being you
Wasn't sounding so bad

Hadn't spoken in a while
Wasn't trying to reclaim love
Just wondered if he was still as loyal to you as I was
Missed you like I did
Love you like I do
Since you were the only one I could ever say that he was faithful to

But I'm not tripping
I already said patience was back in my system
All bad deeds forgiven
At least on my ending
Silly me, cause like before
He's still caught up in old feelings
I called-no response
He wasn't willing
Made it clear that he'd rather forget my existence
And just like that- you regained my attention

See, when other falter- you're always there
Might not be saying what I'm trying to hear
But you've never neglected me
Always made it easy to get at you
That's probably why so many thought they could spit at you
I've heard you say 1,000 times
It aint tricking if you got it
But you and I both knew
Most these cats come out of pocket
And what you got aint for everybody

We... got a love thing
By no means perfect
Other people get in the way of your good intentions
But you've always stood by me
Even when I didn't find you worth defending
You were wit' me
So like ya boy says:
Let's stick up the whole world
And split it 50/50

The Word 'Great' Doesn't Even Do Justice to How I'm Feeling,

You should definitely take a listen:

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  1. I'm one of your silent fans, but I can't help but comment on your piece. That was nice, I'm always lookin for new poetry & I haven't been let down yet by you. Keep doin ya thing.