Monday, September 8, 2008

Tell Me Something Beautiful

(this poem is a MUST READ)

I posted this on The Konnoisseur Blog and realized I'm doing my readers a disservice by not sharing this:

So, folks- here you have it. Tell Me Something Beautiful by Jeremyah Payne (sidenote: this is the cut down version he plans to use for slams, I wish I could read/hear the original)-

We met by accident
as I boldly roamed
into the wrong hospital room.
Appreciative of simple company
"tell me something beautiful" she inquired.
Conversation blossomed like the fourth day of genesis.
We exchanged words more powerful than photosynthesis
and were able to fill the crescent valleys of the moon
with fresh water lilies, roses, and her favorite flowers
because Love has no boundaries.

At this point,
I might interject that it was hard for her to B Positive
and nothing about me was A negative.
So blood types don't matter when our souls match.
The doctors tell me
a special transfusion may save her
Though they lack the procedures.

And somehow,
if I can give her part of my soul
then she will live.
As I prepare to depart,
"tell me something beautiful" she whispers.
I’m held helpless while an incurable virus ravages my heart.
All I can muster is “I love you baby, Ill be back soon”

I scoured six different continents
searching for some material
strong enough to cut into my soul.
Try as I might,
even blood diamonds
turn to rhinestones
under the pressure to save her.

I keep searching
until I get a phone call,
"this is the hospital
There is a young woman that has requested
That you 'tell her something beautiful
Talk clearly you're on speakerphone."

But my tongue, does not cooperate
and my lungs do not participate
so this vocal exchange was limited to
“I’m coming home soon, and I miss you”

Distraught over my inability
to give birth
to the details of my peregrination,
I grabbed the only utility
available to me
on a transatlantic flight.

Stabbing my pen through my heart
my soul flows into artistic calligraphy
making love on these sheets.
No longer wearing a heart on my sleeve
but on the lines of this page
through pen strokes, I begin to
brush away any traces of pain.

I find tranquility in Soliloquies
forge Haiku’s in ten different languages
just to say that I love you.
Then moved into Jintishi and Sonnets,
Tanka’s and Rubai’s,
till I was writing narrative poetry,
lyrical poetry,
epic poetry,
but I’m no skeptic of poetry.

Because I found poetry
in poetry.
found poetry
and poetry.
I hope you go with me
to the ends of the earth.
Though I traveled the world
I found there’s no end to your worth
This isn’t easy to say every syllable hurts.

Because it feels like I arrived too late
and for all my efforts I may not change her fate.
But I’m pouring out my soul so that I can save her.
The heart monitor beeps.
I’m reading my poetry so that I can save her.
Her eyes fade.
I’m using the morsels of my soul that I have outlined
Too late, bodies flat lined.
Doctors rush into to revive her
Moving me out the room
While I’m yelling poetry at the top of my lungs
just so that I can tell her something beautiful.

They don’t understand that my poetry is useful.
So please, silencing these volcanic eruption of
Love inspired incantations are only putting her in graver danger.
Let me save her.

And with that
And I recounted every moment
from when I met her
until she died.
With such imagery
And passion
That even the x-rays became alive.

I realized
when some one makes the request
“tell me something beautiful”.
My answer must always be sincere and truthful.
And next time,
I’ll just let them know
who you are.

Wow. Don't Forget to Exhale,


  1. Thanks for reminding me to breathe afterward. My goodness.