Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beyond the Cotton Club (Poem), my poems aren't typically written on request or by assignment. However, the distinguished brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., asked me to perform at a themed event of theirs for the second time. And yes, I said distinguished. Yes, I show favoritism. And? So?

This poem was a result of my response to the quotes mentioned in today's "Thought for the Day". Check it out:
You were once told to pity people like me
They lead you to believe that descendants of slaves could only take part in coonery
So you stood on the corner of 142nd and Lenox
Watching people with my skin tone administer brown bag test
To people with my skin tone
And you were excited to know we'd soon be shucking and jiving

But this here goes beyond the Cotton Club
Take heed
My people have never danced for you

My body may contain the blood of slaves
But it's only because God has blessed me with a servants heart
So I know no shame based on the color of my skin
All I know is that I'm kissed by the sun

Here I am
Beautiful beyond measure
All writing
Dancing and such

Containing too much talent to fit in one era
Hence Harlem Renaissance meets The Black Arts Movement
James Weldon Johnston meets
Josephine Baker meets
Billie Holiday

My black is beautiful, baby
And if you have yet to notice
Then you might've just met me in the wrong lifetime
But it'd behoove you to stay tuned
Cause it gets bigger than Barack
Trust me
The best has yet to come

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