Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day (video performance)

I've never done anything for my dad on fathers day. For no specific reason, but usually other people have bought something for him and said it was from me. The kind of thing like when you're young and you just sign the card. Whatever the case, I wrote him a poem. Took me FOREVER. But I did. I sent it to him as an attachment in an email since I'm not home to perform it. Here's the video:

He liked it. Yay! It's funny how nervous my dad makes me. I tried taping this on my own while sitting down and realized I was doing all the things I used to do when I was nervous performing. I've broken two of those major habits, because I've learned not to let my nerves get the best of me once I hit the stage. However, while taping last night it was a different set of nerves that had me rolling my eyes towards the ceiling and fumbling with my hands.

Yet, and still-the pop was pleased. What'd you do for your big man for fathers day? Or is he just a sperm donor? If you situation is more like the latter, just thank the Big Man Above and wish Him a happy father's day. If he's not on your side either, you're doomed :)

Feeling Great,


  1. You are the BEST!

    That's all I'ma say.
    *wipes the tear away*

  2. Wait, I renig on saying I've never done anything for him on Father's Day as far as gifts are concerned.. I did buy him a shirt once..

    Just thought I'd share that :)