Thursday, June 18, 2009

Your Highness (newest poem)

Beneath the burden of broken promises
Words unspoken
Mending hearts
And that lack of confidence you were oh so well
I found your crown the other day

Buried just beneath the layer of things queens in training tend to trip over
It lay there
Waiting to be reclaimed by its rightful owner
And just as golden as its always been

I chose to blame gravity
For that one moment
However brief
When your head hung just a little lower than what royalty requires
And it couldn't balance itself on the base it sits upon
I'm sure
Someone saw it slipping

They should have told you
Pick your chin up
They were all too excited to witness your fall from grace
But when the subject is you
Even crashing planes look beautiful

So pick your crown up
Cause any situation is only what you make it
And if your crown is yours alone
Then no one else can claim it
Not to mention
You rock it like a regal beauty
So you might as well embrace it

Have I told you what a marvel you are to behold?
No wonder queens adorn their thrones with gold
You're just as beautiful as everyone may or may not tell you you are
If only you'd choose to believe it
For everytime you aren't pleased with what you see in the mirror
Remember that Jesus thinks you're to die for
And that's not one of those compliments you take with a grain of salt
It's just a reminder that royalty runs in your veins

Should you choose to acknowledge your God given DNA
You might put an extra twist in your wrist when you wave
Or turn that stride to a strut when you're walking
I'm sure you've heard them talking
But you can be sure the cliche stands true
It does not matter you are called
Only what you choose to answer to

So it'd behoove them to call you queen
Or something of equal stature cause you shouldn't answer to lesser things
Respect is only one of your birth rights
Make sure they know that before ever knowing what being inside you feels like

Your body is a temple
And you will have to account for every unholy man you let enter it
So be choosey with those you invest in
You don't see modern day royalty rushing to save every peasant

I found your crown the other day
Beneath the burdern of broken homes
Broken bones
Broken spirits
And I stand here before you now
Just begging you to wear it

I found your crown the other day
And I kept it for safe keeping
Here it is
Put it on
Reclaim your throne
Let everyone know
That you
You are golden



  1. How many of us need this? Wow.

    So many of us are led down artificial pathways paved with one-dimensional beauty and esteem that we completely forget our regal abodes. This poem is a Queen's address to Queens, and I truly appreciate your honorable words.

  2. Beautiful. This was dedicated to me right... :)

  3. WOW!!!!! Beautiful, really!!