Friday, June 5, 2009


4 teenage boys (ages 14-15) were charged with sexual assault for sodomizing a boy (over a 2mo. period) with a broomstick and hockey stick.

In Laments terms, 4 teenage boys held a boy down and shoved a broomstick or hockey stick in his butt repeatedly for the last 2months. Click HERE to read the article.

Rape comes in so many forms its ridiculous. Like, what were they thinking? What compelled them to hold a boy down and do something like that, more than once, and think it was alright? For those who opted out of reading the entire article, the boys all played football together. The boy being raped didn't speak up about it (for reasons unknown, as of yet) until a fight broke out on the field and he said he was "tired of them getting on" him.

What's even worse is that there were people who overheard this boys screams when this took place or actually were there to bear witness to it. They never spoke up. What were they thinking? I'm just flabbergasted. Like. Really. The world must be ending.


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