Wednesday, June 17, 2009

EVERYONE Needs to See This

Initially, I was thinking that just females need to see these pieces, because they're the people being addressed. However, it hit me that even males should see them to. These are two poems that were performed earlier this week at a show I went to in support of Philly's Youth Slam Team trying to get to BNV this year. Don't know what BNV is? You obviously didn't read THIS post. (Click "THIS" to back track).

The first one is a piece by Joshua Bennet (a poet out here in Philly whose got accolades out the wazoo in regards to his poetic performance, i.e. he's performed at the White House for Obama). Really. This poem starts off "10 Things I Want to Say to Black Women". You can't hear that part because I was a tad slow pulling out my camera.

This next poem is by another poet out here named Hasan Malik. And his accolades are of equal caliber. He's the assistant coach for the Philly Youth Slam Team this year and was a part of the team the year they won nationals at BNV. The part you missed is "This poem/letter is for...". Yeah, blame my slowness on the "camera draw" again for what you missed.

That's Like Something You Need to Watch Daily,

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