Monday, June 8, 2009

Recent Revelation

I live in Philadelphia. North Philadelphia, at that.'s the strangest type of ugly beauty I've ran across in a while.

I was talking with a guy from home (NC) and he asked if I lived in Philly. So, I'm thinking, no. That's automatic. I live in North Carolina. However, (technically) my address isn't a "summer address". This is the place I will be at until the end of next summer. I work here. I get my my mail sent here, and I just happen to go to school here as well.

For what it's worth, home is more like vacation to me now... which only validates the fact that I live in Philly, because VA felt like vacation to me upon moving to NC. Drake says it best, "I'm hardly home, but always reppin'."

I even tried to Google pictures of N. Philly so you could understand it, but I couldn't find one that would do it enough justice. You have to get it as a whole or take in all the pictures at once... it's like-yeah, there's random filth everywhere, but there are also random murals everywhere. They mesh so well together.


I Guess This is Home... for Now,

p.s. I'm heading to the gym. Yes, your girl is on a work out plan. Running at least 2mi. a day. I'll give you more info on that later.

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  1. True, true. N. Philly...filth and beauty...irony isn't it lol Funny thing, I remember when that filth was more beauty...I was JUST thinking the other day...gee it hurts to see spots run down. The corner stores I used to walk to are either abandoned or just run down liquor stores :-/ miss the old philly rather than the "new"...there was def a diff feel to it. Regardless...summertime in philly is an experience in its self...nothing like philly in the summa-summa-summer tiiimmmee! lol