Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Close One Door, Open Another

First off, let me say that I am used to having things my way.
I am fully aware of how snobby that may sound, but it's the truth of the matter.
It's partially a spoiled thing, but it's also because I'm used to working for what I want and seeing to it that it's obtained.

With that being said, when things don't work out for me according to what I had in mind, it's a major shot to my esteem. As Dom says, "I feel like my cloak of invincibility is wearing off." Why? I wanted to be a Community Assistant at this apartment building on my campus next year. I applied for the job at two different buildings, but I only received an offer from the building I have come to decide that I don't want to work for.

I REALLY wanted this position at the other building.

Like, I already decided how I would contribute (not just be another player on the team), I had begin to schedule my summer around the dates they gave us, etc. I've heard it said, "If you wanna make God laugh, then tell Him what you've got planned." I guess that's how this lil' tid bit went down. Again, God is getting his laughs off at my expense.

It's all good though. That job is clearly not what He had in mind? How am I sure about this? At one of my jobs (have I wrote about the fact that I'm balancing 2 jobs now, 17 college credits, and extracurriculars... whoa buddy, don't get me started!?)... as I was saying, one of my jobs consists of calling Temple alumni and parents in hopes of raising money for the school.

Well, John Kincaid from ESPN's radio talk show is a Temple Alum. Did you know that? I surely didn't. Whatever the case, he was on my calling list two nights ago. I recognized the name before I was actually able to identify him, but he walked me through his position. Nonetheless, I was calling him in hopes of raising money, but by the end of the conversation he gave me his contact information for my personal use, mentioned some of his connects that are relative to my major, and said they were offering summer internships down in Atlanta if I was interested and had somewhere to stay over break.

I did everything short of jumping out my chair and ripping my headset off. It just made me grin from ear to ear, because he made it clear that he was eager/willing to help a "Temple girl" (as he put it). The Community Asst. position I wanted required me coming back to Philadelphia at the end of June. In short, a summer internship opportunity would have been a no go. Maybe (hopefully) something else is in store.

It Gets Greater Later?

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