Thursday, March 5, 2009

Guess Whose Bzzack?! [New Poem]

So, my absence has been very much noticeable, inappropriate, and unacceptable. But I'm back... like, fa real. It's been a tough few weeks though man. Whatever the case, that's no reason for me to go completely ghost on you. If you're reading this, take note of the post below this one, Sock the Rapper's album drops on March 20th. If you're in Philadelphia (or, just in driving distance), he's also performing in the SAC at Temple University on that same night, and it's your favorite price: FREE! asses :)

Anywho, the title of this post does include the words 'new poem'. Before getting to that, let me say that my poetry collective [BABEL!] was asked to perform at an event called Positivity: Know Your Status. The event was about the importance of HIV testing, because so many people have the virus and don't know. I didn't know that before writing the poem, I was just told to write something health related. This was the result:

Opening your legs wider won't make him love you more
Neither will allowing him to penetrate you without protection
See, you may think that you're giving him your everything
But what you're doing is putting your health at stake
Cause sex aint the only 3 letter word that's life changing
And I think you're worth more than the raw deal

If he doesn't consider you worth protecting
Then, you may want to reconsider if he's worth keeping
Don't you know life shouldn't be taken lightly?
And every occasional condom is like the bullet in the barrel
During a game of Russian Roulette
All it takes is one pop and it's over

So, I'm not making a sexual reference
When I tell you to stop playing with yourself
Why are you pressing your luck?
They say live and let live
But you should tell him strap up.

Didya Notice It Was Short?...
There's a Stepping Stone For Me,

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