Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not Quite a Movie Review

So, recently I've watched The Secret Life of Bees and about 3 months ago-I watched The Bucket List. Me being me, I put parts from The Bucket List in my phone, because I liked it so much. Now, I've been meaning to share these parts and a movie clip with you for a while now... but time has gotten away from me. HOWEVER, now is as good a time as any. Here's a clip from the Bucket List first:

As described by YouTube, here's the description of the movie: "Corporate billionaire Edward Cole and working class mechanic Carter Chambers have nothing in common except for their terminal illnesses. While sharing a hospital room together, they decide to leave it and do all the things they have ever wanted to do before they die according to their bucket list. In the process, both of them heal each other, become unlikely friends, and ultimately find the joy in life. "

In short, I highly recommend it, but here are parts from the movie I wrote down:

Edward: "Hang in there Carter."
Carter: "That's what I do."

96% of 1000 people said they wouldn't want to know the date of their death if they could. [This really had me what would be the perks and disadvantages to knowing when I would die, and how would I act if I knew?]

Carter: "I've taken baths deeper than you"

Edward: "I honestly envy people who have faith. I just can't get my head around it."
Carter: "Maybe your heads in the way."

We live, we die, and the wheels ont he bus go round n' round. (?)

Edward: "You're not claiming to know anything I know?"
Carter: "Nope, I just have faith."
Edward: "Well hallelujah brother, pass the mustard."
[I loved that. Edward was such a sarcastic ass.]

They (Edward and Carter) were having a conversation about making it to heaven, and Carter told Edward that in older Egyptian faith, it was believed that Egyptian Gods only asked you two questions to determine whether or not you could be admitted into heaven:
1. Have you found joy in your life?
2. Has your life brought joy to others?
[I'm sure half the world would think they were making it into heaven working with this theory]

Our lives are streams flowing towards the same river towards whatever heaven lies within the midst beyond the falls.

ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT- next movie: The Secret Life of Bees.

I also (highly) recommend this. It didn't end the way I expected it to, but it was wonderful. I don't have much to say about it... no major quotes or anything like that. The thing that stuck out most to me was the song playing in the background when they were burying one of the characters. Oops, now you know that someone dies. Funny thing is, the only reason I'm not telling their name is because I don't remember it. Whatever the case, the song went as follows:

Place a beehive on my grave
And let the honey soak through.
When I'm dead and gone,
That's what I want from you.
The streets of heaven are gold and sunny,
But I'll stick with my plot and a pot of honey.
Place a beehive on my grave
And let the honey soak through.
I would notice the lyrics during a movie, right?

Oh yeah- Dakota Fanning's a beast,


  1. the India.Arie song stuck out to me. and oddly i have all of her albums and i never listened to it. it's called Beautiful.

    i've also been trying to find this soundtrack but it doesn't have one, or at least i dont think so.

  2. From which movie are you talking about (for the India Arie song and soundtrack)?