Friday, March 20, 2009

[New Poem] My Best Friends

My best friends hold secrets better than an inner city morgue
Cause a dead man don't tell no tales
And we've all done things we plan on taking to our graves

But for now,
They're just weary spirits haunting our hearts until we're 6ft. underground
See when you drive through life at full speed
Accidents are bound to happen
And we've done everything short of crash and burn

Were never prone to being precautious
Forget seat belts
Na, we're the type to go all in and suffer the consequences gracefully
Especially when they come in the form of children
Bearing names like McKenzie, Sahmira, and Christiane

Never let them see you sweat
And tears should never leave your bedroom
This is the mindset of my inner circle
Divas in the day who fight off demons when the night falls

And it's said that birds of a feather flock together
So you might try and categorize us into some type of statistic
But in a pile of numbers, we are those outliers
The ones who mess up the average by refusing to fit status quo

They say tell me who your friends are
And I'll tell you who you are
Well, my flock is made of thorough bred survivors
There isn't an ailment, sickness or circumstance known to man
That could ever minimize us

We will always make it
And I stand here before you a living testament to that statement.

Peace on That,

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