Monday, March 16, 2009

I am the Prototype

So, since I said I plan on being on my 'The Good, The Bad & Semi-Literate' tip and just speaking on how I feel, that's what it is... and in short, I'm blown right now.

First of all, the last guy I had MAJOR interest in (major= he had me open and I wanted to take things to the next level) is talking with another girl. This isn't the major part. We're cool... I mean, we've always been. He's told me about her, speaks with me when he has problems, tells me things that happen between them, etc. However, my first time seeing her was today, and this is where the ball dropped.

:Drum roll please:

She looks like me. Yes, this black man went and got someone with similar physical traits. I don't even know how I feel about it... like, it's just weird and mind blowing. It doesn't help that he tells me often that he misses me on one level or another. If you miss this, that and the other about me and clearly are attracted to me physically because your new woman mirrors my image, why aren't we together? I mean, I guess I'm partially responsible for that, because I told you we're only friends now, but you backed me up on this decision.

So follow through with it. Stop asking for kisses. You can't have them. Stop mentioning our physical encounters. I won't entertain the thought. I'm trying to create boundaries for a reason. You can't have your cake and eat it too. This isn't a Jay-Z verse homie. ("Love having my cake plus eating it too. Shit, I got cake. What the fuck I'm supposed to do?") All in all though, despite the irony in how she looks, I hope you're happy.

But just to be an ass, you know what they say-
"The sequels never better than the original,"

O, and yes-I am writing a poem about this thing... believe that.


  1. This is absolutely hilarious.
    I look forward to your poem.

    The foolishness of these cats is utterly amusing.

  2. Lol. No BS. Tht shit does suck. N I'm not sure about the second line tho bc I resemble my Current's past. lol