Monday, March 23, 2009

You Were Crazy to Piss Off a Poet

This is a candid shot taken while spending some time with Malcolm, my fellow Babel'onian. Here is the poem that resulted.

M & B: You were crazy to piss off a poet
With one step on the stage I could expose your whole life story
With the power of voice I could disrobe you for the coward that you are
And all I need is a pen to write you off
You were crazy

M: Don't you know that my words make destiny
Rewrite histories
I will destroy you
With words, God gave this earth light
Darkness can come just as quickly
You played me for a fag
You can't dick me
Fuck you
You took my tears as weakness
But I was praying for mercy when I hit this stage
Cause I knew that I would blaze you
And it would be disrespectful
But this aint Year of the Gentleman
And trust, I aint Ne-yo
[sung] If you don't know me by now
My words are dangerous and I'm shameless
And in case I haven't said it yet, Fuck you
You tried to play me for a fool
When my IQ is astronomical
I guess you forgot that your existence is fractional
I can divide you back from a decimal
Just to remind you that you're pointless
War has many warning
Peace is not an option
So don't blame me for blasting you
And as a reminder, fuck you

M & B: To piss off a poet!

B: What were you thinking?
It was nothing for me to put "I love you" in a poem
But now my only words for you are fuck you
In this poem
I won't beat around the bush
But I'll respectfully extract your name
Cause I don't want these flames to burn you
Substitute: Coward
You cannot break down my elements
Mistook me for water,
Thought I'd fit whatever mold you put me in
Does she know that she's my carbon copy?
And God made men from dirt
So it's only natural you resemble characteristics from which you came
Therefore, your feelings are as fleeting as the air
That's why I've thrown that shit to the wind
And you'd probably wish that I'd blow you
But I'd much rather expose you
Wouldn't touch you with a 10ft. pen
But on paper, it's nothing for me to hold you
Cause when investing my time in you
One plus one only "kinda" equaled two
And it's bullshit

M & B: You were crazy to piss off a poet
And you should feel this small
Or at the least...
Just remorseful
Cause when dealing with giants,
It's said we fall hard
How ironic to see you at rock bottom
I bet you need me now
Probably miss me now
Kinda love me...

Fan Yourselves Off,

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  1. Gahhhh'dammit.
    Yes Sir and Mam!