Friday, November 20, 2009

Even Denzel's Down, You Deserve an Update

It's old, but that's not the point.

How Could You Deny That?

Oh yeah- I know I haven't been writing much, but can I be completely honest and say that I just haven't felt like it? See what happens when I neglect ya'll? I get more followers. I'm sure I have readers, but followers makes it official LOL

Here's a short update: I want to drop out of college for a week... just something brief so I can take a few breaths without panicking in my head about the next days work, ya know? On the up and up, I got a 95 on my exam in Macroeconomics- GO NUTS! (This is the exam that I stayed up all night studying for the week before just to get an email from my teacher at 7am saying I didn't have to take it that day-weirdest feeling in the world, because I didn't feel prepared so I was like Thank God, but I had worked so hard to stay up so in the same breath, I was like FML lol).

On the "down and down", I still haven't completed the paper that was due today at 5:30PM for my Journalism Research class, hell-I haven't even started it.

More so, I am a contestant in the Miss Ebony pageant on campus. I've also been wanting to write something all night, not related to the pageant at all-just in general, but that hasn't been working out. As far as the love life goes: what love life?

Yeah, it's like that. Basically, the person who I wrote "House for Sale" about has been popping up lately, for lack of better words. I could do without that. I've realized that some feelings are trying to sit on my chest as resentment, and they're more active and noticeable as of late. Blah. Such is life.

An old flame also text me on "mistake" after about a year and a half of no communication. I don't have their number anymore and didn't think they had mine, so I don't think it was a mistake. When it comes to phones, I feel like this mistake would've happened more than once if it was as common an error as he described. Whatever the case, he was polite and wished me well- which is a stretch since a long time went by when he wouldn't acknowledge me at all. That was peace

...brought some type of random closure I didn't know I still wanted. If you were around on the blog when he was, you'd understand that things ended in a manner that caused me to have to work out certain things within myself and affirm the fact that I didn't mean any harm in the way in which I addressed his decisions in life. Never good in my case. I like to see myself as a positive person, to second guess that-hot mess. I mean, I worked it out, but since he had never really acknowledged my apology... it was never really settled in my soul... which I didn't know until his "mistake" left room for kind, cordial words (again, more than I've gotten for sometime now). Woosah on that.

Ugh, what else? My hair is twisted. Me and my boo-thang, Andisha (aka: Ms. Do The Most [and if you knew her you would understand why the title is o'so fitting], I need to upload pics of her) stayed up extra late doing it a few nights ago. No, the days when I could twist my hair by myself in less than 2 hours are no longer here. I wish. Nonetheless, D is down for the cause, and we knocked that thing out. We've also been going out a lot lately, trying to claim new spots in Philly as our own. We frequent the Walnut Room, Vango, and O.N.E. as if it's home, but it's time to take it elsewhere... so it looks like we're leaving Center City for Olde City. Upgrade you? Indeed.

I mean, here's a pic I took with my webcam of my current "do", but it doesn't really show the twists all that well. Better yet, here's 2 pictures. You can figure it out by putting em' together-I have faith in you. I'm not really wearing them down anyway. I have a new found appreciation for having hair out my face since havin' a fro. God bless any type of up-do or pull-back. I've gone so far as to develop a pulled back do when my hair is actually out, not twisted. All the boppers' in the club seem to love it LOL Anywho, here are the twist:

I went to an art expo last week, and the pics were amazing. Wanna see? :leaves blog and goes hunting on to find all the pics she was sending her dad/friends while she was there:

I found this sculpture most impressive. Yes, sculpture. Doesn't it look like this thing is just going to get up and walk towards you? I couldn't just have this posted up in my living room. My nerves are too bad. Not to mention, I don't have the proper amount of cash necessary to buy it in the first place, but I'm sayin'. Not to mention, it's a pregnant sculpture and as of late, pregnancy has been all around me.. friends, friends of friends, news clippings, etc. Pray for me.

This sculpture was ridiculously ill as well. Not to mention, the bottom part (what appears to be a skirt) is also crafted out of the same material used for the sculpture. It's a not a piece of fabric draped over, which is what it looks like. Don't ask me what the sculptures are actually made of, IDK. And the artist wasn't at the booth when I was... which may be a good thing, cause I may not have been able to take these pictures if they were.
No caption needed. You can figure this one out.
I just thought this was a great depiction of the so-called "progress" that America has made by having Obama in the White House... putting the children reading about his election in black face, classic idea. Why can't I paint?

Back to the lighter stuff: I cut my leg today while shaving in the shower. It's literally the first time I've ever cut myself shaving, and I've been shaving for sometime now-it's a tad late to just start cutting... but I dead ass cut straight to the white meat. It happened so quickly I didn't even know I cut myself, I thought there was something white on my leg til' I tried to wipe it off and felt a stinging sensation then noticed my brown piece of skin in my hand. AHHHH! I just had to share that.

[ok, so maybe this isn't a small update, but hey-you needed to know all of this and it's been a minute since we kicked it]

I'm also working out at least 3x's a week, and that's a kicker there, but I feel good about it. Sore. All over. But good, nonetheless. And that's peace.

Ha, I'm going to end this post here because I realized there's something I want to discuss that can be a post in and of itself without being associated to this tangent.

Ugh, yeah. IDK how to end this, I did my "official closer" ages ago so there's no point in repeating it. Bye now :)

Wait, one last thing: I added another blog to my blog roll. One of the residents where I work/live is a student studying abroad from the UK (if I'm not mistaken). She's one of the most pleasant yet sarcastic things I encounter from behind the desk while working, and generally throughout campus. I actually ran into her last week at the Art Expo, and she had a handy dandy professional camera... so, maybe if she puts those pics up in a timely manner-you will be able to see them as well. Either way, peep her site out HERE. It's cool to read about someone talking about the "American way". I forget we aren't the only ones "here" at times. Hopefully this future Semester at Sea will make me a lot more aware.

Ok, bye for real this time.

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