Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mama, I Made It.

I feel good.

Let's start there. Grandma has been here since Wednesday night, and I've beat her in Scrabble. Not once, but two times. Throughout my whole life I have officially beat her three times in Scrabble. I was bout' to name this post "I Beat Her Twice", but didn't want to hint towards anything domestic :)

Is it appropriate to put a smiley face there? Anywho, one of the times I beat her it was by 100 points and I made a 72pt. word by using all my letters (which is an extra 50pts.) to spell P-L-E-A-S-A-N-T. Ow! The second time, a friend that was playing with us used all his words to spell R-E-V-I-S-I-O-N, and I still won. (I can barely beat my Grandma, so I couldn't have him thinking he was just goin' step in my place and disrespect both of us LOL) Take that! See?

*See that word "squeg" at the bottom? Yeah, that's me. Look it up.

So, onto the topic: I had my show last night. Grammy came. She loved it, as did I. Everyone just went in, ATFC (all the fuck crazy) as we would say. She was sitting in the front row (trying) to take pictures with her phone. I say trying, because when I got off stage and went to sit beside her, she was fumbling with her phone trying to find the pics, and when I got a hold of her phone (because she didn't want help, *feisty old woman) I told her the pic never took or it would be stored "here".

That's all to the good though. I performed a piece I wrote 2 years ago. It's a letter to mother that's never left the page, but I felt like the time was fitting since Grammy was there. I've written about it before in a smaller capacity. Here. But this time, I did the whole thing, and yes I cried, but I made it through. It was my closing piece. People showed so much love.

I realized last night how blessed I am that people request my presence at events like that one. Like, naturally I'm there getting my soul fed, but it's something else to be considered a "feeder". I know I could've worded that better. You get me though, right?

After performing, I stepped outside to take a breather. And something happened, but I'm not sharing the details of that with anyone. It's the first secret I'll ever have to myself. Maybe it'll be in a book I publish, but until then-it's all mine. Ever since reading somewhere that it was good to keep secrets amongst yourself, I've just been waiting for something to occur LOL

And, I mean, things have occurred but I just HAD TO tell someone. Like, they were too good to keep to myself. However, (and this was good) this one is just for me. Yay!

I felt good about where I was though, at that moment. And I think Mommy heard me, and she was pleased. What a feeling. Wait. Did I ever say Happy Thanksgiving?
Happy Thanksgiving!

Speaking of which, that day went very well. I actually enjoyed being with all my mom's family. The discomfort was nowhere to be found. I don't know if that's because my lady was present or otherwise, but it was cool. Not to mention, Jill Scott was in attendance.

I have no idea how she's related to our family, but it's my second time meeting her and being told we're cousins. Hell if I know. I do remember her father working for the Philadelphia Zoo security when I was hella young and him taking us for a tour of it at night... uber creepy. Definitely didn't get to experience the bat cave. Some things we black folks don't partake in at night. Thrill or no thrill. We know better.

Her 7mo. old son was there and so well behaved. I swear you wouldn't have known a baby was in the room. He was so quiet and pleasant. Just really observant with his long eyelashes and full lips. His name's Jett Hamilton, which I wouldn't name my son but I definitely like. It has a ring to it.

I actually did some minor Black Friday shopping. Who came up with that event and the term for it? Like, what? I didn't plan on attending, but I was in the market for a new dress or two. Me and my cousins were all lounging around on our 2nd plate of food, and my aunt mentioned that a major mall and an outlet were opening early. And just like that, we were off.

So the night before, having stayed up til' 4 with my grandma (and maybe 6, by myself, watching movies online cause I couldn't get to sleep on the couch) and waking up around 1130, then staying up shopping until the next day til' about 8AM had me pooped. My cousin was like, "You all [the other cousins that were with me] look exhausted." We all proceeded to tell her shutup, then got home and went comatose upon hitting the bed.

Oh yeah, guess what? My sister's turkey came out well.

(Rae you should've known this would be up here LOL)

Granted, she (YOU!) didn't send me the recipe. I'll wait. I mean, I do have a recipe book now, I need to pass it on to the next generation man. I know there's something I'm forgetting to mention, but I can't figure out what. Uh.. I didn't forget that I still haven't posted the quotes from the last few shows I've been at or the info. on the Mr.'s, but... yeah. We'll get there.

Quit Your Worrying,

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  1. Ummm, lemme holla at Jill Scott. Thank you. You are living the dream, ma'am. Good post.