Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm Here

So, this is just something to think about that I almost attached to the last post, but I realized that thing was getting riDONKulously long and had no fluidity... so, I had to let that hoe go :)

Really though (didn't mean to rhyme), I can't remember if I heard of this through a conversation or reading, but either way-someone was speaking with a man and when they asked him how he was doing, his reply was "I'm here." Initially, that seemed like a short reply to them, but he elaborated (upon their request) by saying that God chose to take x amount of people from the world last night, but He opted to keep him.

As a result, he was "here". So, though things may or may not be great, and he may or may not be sure of his purpose, he can be sure that he has one because he's still on Earth living it out... at God's will.

With all that being said, I've been making that my new response to people when they ask how I'm doing. Some people take it as me being depressed (LOL), but if they knew like we knew... they'd know better :)

I'm not saying you should adopt this as your answer, just thought it was a nice gem to drop on ya'll.

I'm Here,

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