Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Like Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Have ya'll heard Wale's new album, Attention Deficit?

If not, you should take a listen. Beautiful Bliss is my favorite track on it... has me wanting to skip through campus while I listen to it on repeat. I can't quite say that I can listen to the whole album without skipping, but it's worth uploading. I know it's blasphemy to say that anyone but the rapper who released the album had the best verse, but such is life- J. Cole's verse was a killer. Hell, it's the reason I love the song Beautiful Bliss so much. And no, there's no bias because J. Cole is a rapper from N. Carolina. Good lyrics are good lyrics, regardless.

[I literally JUST realized how much I've missed blogging. I hadn't felt like writing all this, yet I had semi-writer's block when it came to poetry... I forgot that this was still my way of releasing, because now I'm feeling lighter and I can't stop typing... as if there's actually that much to tell]

Back to the scheduled program, I'm gonna leave ya'll with J. Cole's verse from that track if I haven't already convinced you to cop the album:

I phone home to the real, they wanna know just how it feel
who woulda thought a lil nigga from the Ville could get a deal
and tell dem niggas at the top we want yo spot, we all fo' real
and yeah we heard you got it locked but like dem socks- we on your heels
so you best be on your toes nigga
especially on your flows nigga
cause man they keep on checking for me, especially all your hoes nigga
catch me on your doorstep, you see me let me in
all I wanna do is eat, im like them freaky lesbians
now all I wanna do is ball on tv, me- E S P N
they heard I'm bout to blow so all my enemies say, "Let's be friends"
and all these rappers know just know where
I'm bout to go, so catch me then
where all the girls that we knew that screamed, "Fuck you"
goin' let me then
I'm definitely in a class of my own
at dinner with Hov, hoping that he pass the baton
he just pass the patron
aint nothing given dog, it's earned- if you just livin' dog, you learn
I let you niggas see the light,
I'm like the prison yard I yearn
For that living large but mama I aint done yet
Sit back and watch your son rise
Kick back and know yo son set
Forever I aint run yet and never will
Nas told me life's a bitch
Pac said fuck the world and I aint come yet
You up yet?
My punchlines like gut checks,
I'm raw dog
I'm rough sex, I'm on deck, I'm up next
I'm God bless, I'm success so fuck stress
You can get the fuck from around me
And if you listening know you wondering
Where the fuck they found me
Im from the ville boy

Believe me when I say I tried to make this the song playing on my blog, no luck finding it. But if you're free, and can find it for me... work that out. If nothing else, go download it HERE.

Dig this: I had actually typed this in my last post after putting "P.s." then realized it was a completely different post/topic in and of itself, and I still haven't gotten to the other post I intend to. In short, you'll be hearing about boys. Pray for em.

It's a Beautiful Bliss,

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