Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Mean, if You Have Some Free Time...

So, I FINALLY figured out how to get all my quotes out the Memo's portion of my phone. If you didn't know from one of the previous post, they were being held hostage by my broke/boot leg phone. Nonetheless, I have succeeded in breaking them free. So, there are quotes galore to read from the different performances I've viewed in the past... I don't know how long. Read em' and wheat (I think that's the quote):

Life aint that hard-peekin' in the mirror seeing images of God as a broad. (Selina)

(Prior to this quote she mentions how going through the things she does would make most people want to slit their wrist, but I can't remember/didn't get the exact wording) I aint into cuttin' unless its cuttin' out my daily dose of negative consumptions. (Selina)

"...full blooded non-bitchass queeness." (Selina)

Though there are many pieces to me my parts are not sold separately. My bodily functions only work in solidarity, so don't try to ignore the parts you don't see as the best of me.... Make sure to say hail Mary when you're done staring. Don't you dare think you're worthy. (Hannah)

We laugh about things that most cats wouldn't consider laugh worthy. (Hannah)

I'd rather see you walk with your crooked spine then break you down til' you're backless. (Ms. Wise)

Who are we to bind someone into holding? (?)

No more rapping. No more gassin'. Just a complete sense of self, you and a situation that happened. (Selina)

We make love til the point where she has scratches on her back that take the form of wings, she's an angel. (Hannah and Jamillah)

People forget a forgotten people who only wish to send their offspring into more summers. (Noel)

There's no doubt that we're different, but the similarities are infinite. (Selina)

You didn't even understand that our wars were different, you just knew that our color was. (Jamillah)

You can't gentrify thoughts. You can't force movement elsewhere. It stays exactly where it's supposed to like the sun... bombs don't mean Baghdad. Bombs don't mean oversea. You just oversee them. (Hannah)

Some say the darker the berry the sweeter the juice, but why does this nectar taste so sour?... Plums are always sweeter than apricots. (Noel)

"... grapejuice that stained the white blouse of my existence." (Dom'O)

Monster's don't always hide under your bed. Sometimes, they like it on top... we deserve more spotlight than the shadows they place us into.. I am now a talking landmine, so do not test me. (Shelell)

We live where we can find inspiration... my dad was a rolling stone so I kick rocks to forget about home. (Jeaninne and Jadon)

The only heir looms I received was a rock and a hard place. (Shellel)

You cannot play God with me with your knees all dirty... What you need my revolutionary is to upgrade your recruitment tactics (?)

There's a war going on so there's blood to be shed but if I'm fighting my brother then what's good if he's dead.. I give respect to my haters, even they got each other. (?)

You don't have a heart. You have a corrupted cardiac muscle that sits inside your chest cavity (Genelli)

I've got some sand paper and this will hurt.. Keep ya rib. Give her dust or dirt cause women are creatures that know how to make due.. Cherish your knees. They are all I will leave you with, and while you're down there I think you should repent more often. (Kiara)

It's hard for some kids to breathe cause outside they inhale second hand failure and exhale innocence. (Dom'O)

My pen is in my pocket right now. If you ask me to borrow it you can, because I am an organ donor. (Chris)

We got 100 devices to keep in touch but keep me from touchin' other human beings... We are programmed to wait til' dusk than appreciate sunshine. (Proverb)

We weren't in love, just in season... No trespassing, cause you are past trusting. (Alysia)

I haven't been here that long, but I think I might love you... You've got a way of finding the gold in things, the silver lining in my nicotine tongue... I offer my skin as a pinky promise. (Alexis)

It's Like That Ya'll,

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