Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm really glad we got a chance to sit it down & rap a tad.

Listening to T.I. while the bleach and cleaning fluid soaks in my shower... that's right, doing some of that good cleaning. My Grammy is staying in my place (at school) for Thanksgiving. We're going to celebrate this holiday with my mom's side of the family here in Philly.

I can't even think of the last time we've done that. Typically, if I'm not with my dad's side of the family, I'm with my grandma and brother. My maternal family stops there for the most part. Granted, I used to be very close with the cousins on my mom's side of the family. Time and distance changed things.

Lately, being around them just makes me nostalgic and depressed. But as I've already noted, it doesn't have to be like that. So, I'm excited to be with them.

However, I'm trying to make this place spick and span before my lady (Grandma) walks in the door. My "clean" living conditions aren't the "clean" living conditions I want her seeing. She needs to be impressed and smell Pine-Sol when she walks in the door. Mind you, I'm probably going downstairs to meet her smelling like bleach cause she should be here soon.

I can't express how hype I am about seeing her. My plan? She said she's bringing the Scrabble board, so that's already a wrap. Scrabble is a big deal in my family. If you can't put together some words, you're good as done for. Maybe that's where this poetry thing manifested.

Oh yeah, it just hit me that she'll be here for my show on Friday. She's never seen me perform. I've read her stuff, but nothing recently. Hopefully, I can get something extra special written for her and memorized by Friday. We'll see how this goes :holds breath:

My phone just vibrated. I thought that was her. I was about to say, let the good times begin. On another note, it hasn't hit me that tomorrow's Thanksgiving. I'm actually on duty tonight in my building. Picture that.

A lot of people are like, you aren't coming home for Thanksgiving? Want to hear something crazy? I've learned that wherever I am is home. So, I'm home. And if my Grandma's coming too, oh it's definitely where I'm supposed to be.

My sister is making a turkey for the first time, doing dinner with her brother, daughter and husband. AHHHH! I forget she's like a whole grown, family having, woman. It's crazy to think she's starting her own Thanksgiving tradition now with her family. I told her to take pics of the turkey.

Assuming she'll read this, Rae-write down everything you did to that turkey if it comes out well, cause I'll have to do one myself someday. Blah. Craziness. What if the people I prepare for like stuffing, but I don't, would I still have to prepare it? LOL Really though.

I'm bout to go scrub this shower. If time permits, I'll post my tidbit about Mr. Flatter Yourself and Mr. Intelligent. The latter person is more a comedic anecdote. The first one, man it's just a hot mess. I don't even know a better way to put it. There might be two other Mr.'s to add to this list, but there names would be more positive. Like, Mr. Nice and Mr. Inspiring. Definitely. Yeah, I gotta get on top of that.

Oh yeah, went to an open mic turned show last Friday celebrating my boy Amun's b-day. It was ill. Like, the energy in there had me feeling like I was about to explode from all the positivity. Much like this cleaning fluid has me feeling like I need to crack a window :) Really though. The quotes I pulled from there, along with the ones I got from Excelano's show-man o' man, it's over.

Here are (just 2) pics from the show: (wait, gram is calling! She says, "If I'm not at your building. I'm going to take a nap, get back in the car, and go home, cause this has been the trip from Hell!") Gotta love that (she's been on the road 2 hrs longer than the trip takes), here are the pics, I'm outty. I'll remind you about the Mr.'s, really- but for now I gotta go rescue Grandma.

Like a Thief in the Night,

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