Monday, November 23, 2009

Meet Georgina

This pretty lil' thing right here is the newest addition to the office I work in. And today, we named her. Georgina. Fly, right? Initially, when my coworker said Georgina I was like... "man, hell to the no" in my head. I waited before I voiced my opinion and before I could open my mouth, something in my head said "it's actually fitting".

And since me and him (my coworker) were the only ones present at this naming ceremony, the name stuck. What happens next is what I would like to call "When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong", and if you ever watched Dave Chapelle you understand:

After we honored Georgina with a name, she broke. Rude, right? The nerve of her. I guess she was showing her disapproval.

I'm sure a good bit of you are wondering who cares about having a new printer at work in the first place? Well, the answer would be ME. I'm not ashamed. Clearly, I've been at my job too long. But you don't know how terrible our old printer was. Not to mention, Georgina has a bunch of pretty, shiny buttons and the kid in me can't deny anything that allows me to push it and witness it make noise as a result. It's responsive. Like a real live person! LOL

Pathetic, huh? I mentioned it to another one of my coworkers in the hallway today, and she was like, "Yeah, it's dope." The printer. Is dope. See? It's not just me. So, Georgina started acting up and getting jammed with paper after we named her, but she had pictures showing us how to fix her and step by step instructions where we could click "Next" upon fixing each instructed step. How polite.

She wasn't broke because she had a jam though, it actually was something I did when trying to put more paper in the tray. Some little piece popped out and was loose after that... took me and my coworker some time to get it right, but we did, and we were damn proud. One silent victory for the home team. However, if something else happens to the printer I'll have to deny the fact that I was involved. Yup, yup. I'm goin' to act like it's the first I ever heard of Georgina having problems.

Ok, I'm done. I just wanted to introduce you to the new boo in my life I was excited about getting to know.

Be Nice to Her,

Someone remind me to tell you all about Mr. Intelligent and Mr. Flatter Yourself later on.

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