Friday, November 20, 2009

& The Point of it All

[Sidebar post that I don't feel like going in depth about to the extent that I could]

I'm sure you've heard the rumors and read the articles saying that Jay-Z is a Mason, worships the devil, is involved with Illuminati, etc. We all have, and I've done a decent job at looking past them because as most of you may know... he is my favorite rapper. THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE.

But that's neither here nor there, and I didn't write this with the intention of hyping his name. Quite the contract ,actually. As of late, I've been experiencing a heavy sense of internal conflict since helping my former roommate with a presentation she was doing for her church. She was basically making the same claim I mentioned above, and I knew a few songs people had pointed to to prove their point regarding Jay-Z's beliefs- so I typed up those lyrics for her, specifically.

After thinking about it though and being a bit intrigued or curious, I began to look into his lyrics a little more in depth. I started from Reasonable Doubt and made my way all the way to BP3. The amount of lyrics I found that hint towards some "other stuff" was just amazing, not to mention disappointing. Ya'll know I'm a Christian, right? And IDK if I'm just looking into too hard, because you can always find dirt when you dig for it, ya know?

Furthermore, I like to believe that the affect music has on people is determined strictly by the listener, but one of the boy's I need to mention in a later post was saying that whether or not you acknowledge it's direct affect no you, it's still worked its way into your subconscious. I haven't decided how I feel about that.

I mean, true-I get hype off Jay-Z songs and lyrics. I've even realized that some of my favorite quotes are the exact quotes that point towards some "other stuff" (as I'm calling it). But when I'm reciting the lyric, that's not what I'm hearing initially or interpreting it as. Therefore, is that really what it is? Because art is open to interpretation, and again-I may just be digging for dirt with a little too much vigor.

What are your thoughts? If you want me to post some of the lyrics I found, leave a comment. I have way too many, so it wouldn't be a problem.

That's All :(

Alright, it's 4 in the morning... and though I'm on a blog posting roll-I must retire. I'm hungry and my download of I Can Do Bad All by Myself is complete. We'll have to talk about these "boys" on a later date. For now and to remind myself of what it is that I wanted to discuss, we'll call them Mr. Flatter Yourself and Mr. Intelligent. O man, I can't wait.


  1. This definitely piqued my interest. Could you please post some lyrics that refer to 'the other stuff'?

  2. Just wanted to comment here since there was no need to comment on every blog starting with Denzel...But fa'seriously.

    I'm GLAD you're back. You are too inspiring for words, so I will repay you in action. Eventually.

    -Chucked Deuce-