Monday, November 23, 2009

For Jo and Jazz (& Anyone Else Who'd Like to Follow)

[like Pam and Jess, maybe? HINT HINT]

Yes, I gave ya'll a nickname. Is that ok? (insert: bashful meets bold face here)

This post is an instructional on how to "Follow" me and a general update.

I know some people are like, wait... that's not hard. You have no idea. I asked a few people and there was mass confusion, and since I don't follow my blog-I didn't know what were the necessary steps. Not to mention, when I tried to-the process is different for me since I already have a blog.

God bless Skype, because now we have an answer!

Thanks *Beans for sharing your screen while going through the motions. Here's how it works folks [wait.. let me interrupt and say that the aforementioned Beans just got his dream job on Wall Street... raise your glasses to the sky for him or just send prayers and positive energy his way when you get the time and space, plz. Proceeding]:
1. Scroll down to the portion of my page that says "I Lead, You Follow?"
2. Click "Follow"
3. If you aren't already signed into an AIM, Google or Yahoo account-it will ask you to log into one of those accounts, upon doing this- it's pretty self explanatory.
4. HOWEVER, if you don't have any of these account types, then you need to create one.
... that's all. Simple as pie. Well... maybe not, but you got it. Let me know how it works?

On another note, I have to give Jo and Jazz a special shout out. As poets, we know the power of words. As people, we often forget that our talent really reaches people. As a blogger, I often don't know if I'm writing for anyone beyond myself... I mean, yeah people are "following", but the comments aren't a clear reflection of that.

I went to "The Greatest Show on Earth" yesterday that was presented by Excelano Project, U. Penn's poetry collective, and I ran into into these two girls and they just showed me so much love. First off, not many people are bold enough to admit that they read your blog regularly, let alone approach you. Hell, my friends learn things about me via blog and then bring it up all offended but try to omit the fact that they actually were reading it in the first place. "It's a curious thing." (I said was going to start saying that. Went hiking two weeks ago. Don't ask. It was something I had to do for class, and the hiking/tour guide man [don't know the proper term] kept saying that- "It's a curious thing."

Anywho, they showed me all this love, asked to take pictures with me and were just so endearing. I just felt honored. Like, here's "regular ol' me" coming to see the show, not even performing, yet they wanted to take pictures with me. Me. It was one of those, "they love me. they really love me." moments. It's funny writing this now that we're Facebook friends and all. Communication and connectedness is so real though.

As far as the actual show, you know I took down some quotes. I'll be posting them soon, just not tonight. That show had me in tears. I literally had to walk out for a minute and compose myself so I wouldn't make a scene in the midst of it. One of them wrote a poem about her father's mother dying, from her fathers perspective and it had me thinking about my mother.

Somethin' I've realized: I haven't coped with her (my mother's) death as much as I think I have. Like, intense conversations about death (meaning anything that goes past typical "death" conversation, whatever that means) shouldn't result in tears. Like, it's just ridiculous. Damn me and my emotional self. Nonetheless, I've decided to write about it which should be peace.

The first and last poem I wrote about my mom was more like a letter and it never left the page. Performing it really wasn't an option cause I couldn't get through it without breaking down. Hmph. Change gwan' come (said in the worse Jamaican accent known to man). Here are the actual pics with Jazz and Jo from last night.

Clearly, this was after the show. Hence, my red puffy face and teary eyes. Bahhh humbug.
This was prior to the show... when I first received their love and was fresh-faced. Oww! :)

Alright, alright. That's about it. Peace to ya'll though, sincerely. It's endearing and humbling all at once when people show love. Did I mention I have on show on Friday at Freedom Theatre? See you there?

One last thing: I chilled with my friend Jadon this week too. His energy is amazing, and it had been a while. That also contributed to my feathery feeling as of late. He's a humble dude. A poet at that. Not too many humble male poets left, especially not ones taping Sprite commercials and such. Everyone's moving up man. Progress.


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  1. 1. i really did find how to do it before. 2. This Friday doesnt work, we'll both be back in Boston for Thanksgiving break but the next next one. 3. i <3 the nickname