Sunday, April 27, 2008

Become A Good Woman

The authors unbeknownst to me, and most may have heard it before, but there's nothing wrong with repetition.

You say you want a Good Man
And when it comes to finding one you won't.
Because when it comes to really wanting one,
Simply put; ladies you don't.
You say you want a Good Man
One that will always give you hugs,
But every time I turn around
You're always chasing after thugs.
You say you want a Good Man
Well I'm here to tell you that's not true
Because the last one that came your way,
Wasn't tall enough for you.
You say you want a Good Man
Cause you're tired of trifling mess
But you rolled your eyes at the last one
Because you didn't like the way he dressed.
You say you want a Good Man
One that will have you for his wife
Yet every time you come across one,
You say he's just too nice.
You say you want a Good Man
Now I'm not saying you should make him beg.
But a brother should at least know your first and last name.
Before you open up your legs.
See if you try that with a Good Man,
In you he won't be pleased.
For he realizes, just like he could have,
Other brothers have had you with ease.
Now in order to get a Good Man
You need to listen; see it's in your favor.
Starting with the fact that no Good Man
Wants a woman who curses like a sailor.
And in your quest to find a Good Man
Listen as if it's Law.
You'll never find a good man,
If you always label him as a dog.
See a Good Man wants a woman
That expects to receive his best.
But you will never ever find one,
If you keep settling for less.
Now if you've found a man
That you think might be right for you.
You'll know he's not a Good man
If he won't go to church with you.
For in the life of a Good Man
You're not first, but don't take it hard.
See you're standing right there next to him,
But you're second after God.
So if you still would like a Good Man
One that will make a real good husband.
There's only one thing left for you to do
And that's simply become a Good Woman.

Ooh Mommy-I Want One of Those,


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