Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Official

I am a college student. As of yesterday night, I had my first cup of Starbucks. I can't front like I'm a straight coffee fiend now. I had a Caramel White Mocha. It has the most minimal amount of coffee imaginable (more sugar than anything), but so what- I did it. And (*thanks to Terence) tonight, I had some Chai. Neither he nor I knows what exactly is in this drink, but it's another Starbucks drink that I can actually get with. All in all, they're all mad hot initially and I can't drink them til' like 15minutes after the purchase, BUT I drink them nonetheless. This may seem like one of those "meaningless" post that we: we-being BBC (no, not Billionaire Boys Club- I mean Brandi, Brandi, and Ciara) talk about, but it's not. This is my right of passage.

Mama I Made it :)

Though I'm no advocate of the "N" Word,
this line has been on repeat in my head
for the past 2 nights. Yes, I love it:

*9 out of 10 girls call a nigga arrogant
8 out 9 all get a little curious
5 out of 9 try to fake and get serious
All 10 girls gonna call a nigga period
Call a nigga period, call a nigga period
Just a little sprung, BUT don't call me on ya period.


  1. consider yourself "put on".
    and i was definitely about to add that to my "Verbatim" part of my page the other day but it was too long. lol.

  2. Try the caramel frappacino. Its really sweet and its a cold drink, so u don't hav to wait- its like a coffee milkshake.

    Chai is a type of tea idk how its made either tho.

    No not British Broadcasting Channel, Brandi, Brandi and Ciara

    -C of BBC