Monday, April 14, 2008

Wing-Worthy Accomplishments

Ash Cakes*, a close friend/fellow writer and poet back home, asked me to check out her blog since she had recently updated it. I added a link to her page underneath 'Sites for Sore Eyes' if you want to check it out. Not taking stabs at anyone, but I would only advise going to it if you want to walk away from your computer feeling enlightened, uplifted, or in serious thought. You will see no post about pit stops at a random fast food place, the newest sneakers, good days gone bad, etc. Anywho, we are one in the same in certain ways and we both have these saying about angels. My saying is:

Lazy angels do nothing but carry their wings, and wingless words do nothing but keep us down. (I got the quote from Shihan, the same man quoted in the main pic at the top of my blog).

Her saying is:
We are all angels with but one wing who can only fly by embracing each other. (Who knows where she got it from. She told me about 2 years ago, the source has left me since)

Whatever the case, we've come to the coining of this term "wing-worthy accomplishments". She's one of the few people I have religious conversations with, and we don't speak often . True friends don't have to call everyday to know the love is there. Not to mention the last few phone calls have been rants on college life and random/rushed updates, so I hadn't heard the term in a while. However-upon reading her blog, I got to thinking on it. The term is basically used to describe things a person has done deeming them worthy of being accepted into Heaven. With that being said, I'm sure we are all good people for the most part. Not everyone feeds the birds, does community service, and walks their neighbors dogs- However, I doubt everyone is a cold blooded killer as well.

I'm just saying we all believe ourselves to be pretty decent people. Nonetheless, if you stop and TRULY think about it- of all the accomplishments you might list on your resume to impress the "boss", what wing worthy accomplishments could you list to impress God? I'm not playing "holier than thou" because I have yet to come up with one accomplishment that I consider wing worthy. I'm just wondering if I'm in this thing alone. I'm sure that I'm not, but it's like geesh- I'm clearly doing something wrong. I should be able to think of something... something should flicker in my mind for a mere moment.. right?

"There's my good deed for the day". Heard that line, used it before, wrote a post card about it. For some reason, I don't think God's too impressed with my rare initiative to pick up a piece of paper I see on the ground and throw it in the trash can. With that in mind, a lot of things I view as "going out of my way" are truly what should be done regardless- what's expected, even. I have to get my stats up. Really.

Wingless but Working on It,

*Some recognize ya light, but can't handle the glare...
It don't take a whole day to recognize sunshine*
(throwbacks, right?)


  1. word on the throw back thang

  2. I love you brandi, truly....I find myself thinking about this often....i feel like we all should stop seeking credit from doing things we SHOULD be doing. Something so simple as courtesy, we think deserves a thank you all the time,..... (even though courtesy should call for the response of thank you), but thats not the point. We should do things not for the credit as motivation, but rather because they are whats right, and we act out of love, on our own behalfs, unconditionally...Period. We do good things because thats what Jesus would do.... and thats it.... regardless of how often our minute actions and deeds are....I know I'm going to try to start practicing living to inpress Heaven's criteria and standards, and not the soceity on Earth's expectations....and doing the that im forced to raise the bar...

    I went to see Bernice King, Martin Luther King Jrs daughter speak on his Birthday, and it changed my perspectives on how i see life....She had these bracelets with on one side it said...."Be a King", and on the other it said "Raise the Standard".... both very telling..... In order to do the former, w must raise the Standard for our lives..... so i gotta strive to go the extra mile, and make some wing worthy accomplishments, and not being content with my kindhearted, Doing nice things for others is so hard actions, which are ALL simply the "basics in disguise".

    .....and on a personal note... Brandi, to inspire me in ways not yet writtable (is that a word??lol) but you put the spoken in my word..... cuz without an occasional sight of the Jesus in you, I'd die unheard.......

    So thank you...... love you, and i meant it...;-)