Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wack Cats is Dug Less Than Frederick

Get it?
If not... listen to Sock spit it.

Sock the Rapper, representing Largo of the DMV area.

No, I'm not repeating what DMV stands for- read the blog more avidly and you wouldn't be lost. Hint: It's defined in the post 'Hype for DC Like Shyt'. Anywho, If you watched the video before reading the post- I think it's pretty evident that he's kind of a big deal. I posted the cover of his album and the link to downloading it when it first released on my blog a week back (Blatant Promotion), and if you haven't already checked it out OR you were just too lazy to download something that would take up more space on your comp when you weren't sure if it was worth it... there's ya preview. See what you were missing? Yet another "head banger, hit maker, conscious thinker" type vibe. Can never get enough.

He was actually doing an interview with W.H.I.P. Radio (a Philly radio broadcast, the acronym stands for 'We Have Infinite Potential') where his producer and manager (Donovan Young/Dominique Wilkins) were present, and that was the last part of the interview. It's actually broken down into 4 sections, but that was too many videos to post-and I feel like raw talent speaks for itself so ya'll didn't need the pretense leading up to the hype. Nonetheless, you know I don't mind summarizing.

Most importantly, the host compared him to Common and Lupe THE Fiasco. Major, much? Always modest, he was quick to say he was flattered but he didn't care to be compared, and my only response to that is- in the words of Tupac, "I aint mad atcha." He speaks from the heart. His lines aren't gangsta rap and street struggles. He didn't grow up dealing drugs, so all that hodge podge is unnecessary. It's conscious music with a message. Be on the lookout for something new to drop out around his birthday in September. I guess he figures he can bless ya'll (yes, ya'll- respect my Southern drawl) on the same day the world was blessed with him... how thoughtful :)

O yeah, if you were wondering where "Sock The Rapper" came from: his real name is Nosakhere (pronounced Nuh-sock-kruh). Let him tell it, that wasn't an easy name to pronounce at 2 so his older brother called him that- and once again, him being modest and not one for a flashy pen name- just let it ride.

It's Okay to be Impressed w/ Young Talent...
If You Aren't- You're Either a Hater or Don't Know Good Music,

*And for the slower ones who are still confused by the title of this post: Dug less then Frederick- Frederick Douglass. Get it? If not, just forget it-
I can lead you to the water, but I can't make you drink. You clearly don't listen to rap or don't fully understand the usage or power of punch lines.

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