Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not Quite 22 Two's

As promised in the post "I'm Fucking Blown", I am hear to rant about what happened last weekend that had me so caught up, away from my blog, and feeling under the water. With that being said-

Can I kick it?
Crowd: Yes you can!
Can I kick it?
Crowd: Yes you can!
Can I kick it?
Crowd: Yes you can!

Ya'll muthafuckas must aint hear Jay-Z shit, let's do it again.

Can I kick it?
Crowd: Yes you can!
Can I kick it?
Crowd: Yes you can!
Can I kick it?
Crowd: Yes you can!
Well I'm gone. Check this out:

Too many papers due in one week.
Too much research required to finish em' which leads to spending nights in the Tech Center versus in my bed-sleep.
Too many distractions at the Tech Center to keep me off track,
Too many people in my business- please get off my back.
Too many viruses being passed during flu season.
Too many people not washing their hands in the bathroom,
which is the reason why I'm here sneezing.
Too many signals dropped on my cell during important phone calls.
Too many times where I wish my original phone hadn't got lost.
Too much to do yet...
Too little time to get it done in.
Too many phonies in my face claiming to be my best friends.
Too many people think they're slick and I'm straight stupid.
Too little people know that if you cross me, I may become ruthless.
Too many problems back at home that I can't tend to.
Too much is expected of me.
Too much I just can't do.
Too many people trying to give advice when they can't help me.
You could never do what I do, what the fuck you goin' tell me?


-I may have enjoyed that way too much. That was definitely on some nursery rhyme ish', but if Wayne would have spit it ya'll would have it on ya Facebook status' by now- don't front :)
It was how I've been feeling lately anyway so it's all good.
-And for the slower ones, I was mocking a Jigga song called 22 2's. Hence the title of this blog. Geesh! I can lead you to the water. I can't make you drink. Seriously though, here it is:

1 comment:

  1. I like what u tried to do...

    def a classic track...

    "Its too much west coast dick licking" - Jigga Man

    he could got killed for that line abck in 96' though

    sidenote... i kinda miss that east coast west coast beef minus the deaths of biggie and tupac...