Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's My Responsibility to Inform You

If you've kept up with my post for a minute, then you're very much aware of my Intro. to Sociology class that I always walk out of feeling super depressed about the state of black people, how we're always learning statistics that show how my race has failed, etc. For once, it's not just us! Seriously though, every Friday we read newspaper articles that somehow relate to whatever we're learning.

We just recently read about this group of 3rd grade students who put together a serious plan to stab their teacher. A kid had gotten in trouble for standing in his chair and plotted revenge. All these students were in a special ad class, and they either have ADD or behavioral problems. Students brought various items-anything from a broken steak knife and ribbon to a paper weight and duct tape. They had planned to knock her out and then stab her. Different kids had different assignments. Some were supposed to cover the windows, others were supposed to keep watch, and some were supposed to clean the mess afterwards. Clearly, this plan didn't go through due to a child tipping off a cop that weekend.

Initially, this all seemed humorous. Realistically, third graders are anywhere between 8 and 10. True, you can probably swat off a few- but 11 of them. I don't think you're getting anywhere. Part of me laughed it off, but part of me realized that humans evolve and every generation gets smarter. My 3yr. old sister is quite articulate and hella spiteful- she's a Taurus and lives up to every part of the 'bull' in her. I can only imagine what 3rd graders are capable of. I HIGHLY doubt they saw the full extent of what they were doing, but I don't doubt their abilities. Whatever the case, a few of the students were arrested and are now facing multiple juvenile charges. Whatcha think?

Just a Journalist Doing Her Job,

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  1. If the children are our future than I'm proud and terrified. Everything they do is 10 times more amplified than what we were doing at their ages. So naturally the criminal masterminds are gonna be sprouting their little plots earlier and conversely the young thinkers will recognize their intellectual abilities sooner as well.....( I think it's the McDonalds)

    BTW....these kids don't have ANYTHING! on the boys from the book Lord of the Flies those kids were BAD ASS

  2. word! those boys were crazy.

    I dont put any violent act past anybody. this is their parents fault. or McDonalds.