Monday, April 14, 2008

I Pray That You See Jesus (pt. 2)

This is the sequel to the blog posted on Ash Cakes page.
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::Takes a deep breath::

I've mentioned in a blog before about my pastor proposing the question to the church congregation back in N. Carolina, "If you were the only Bible a person ever read, what would their testimony be?"

I remember in high school my best friend once told me that I was a good Bible. It was one of the sweetest compliments I ever received. However, I got to thinking- and I don't know if her testament would still be the same. True indeed, she doesn't interact with many people that claim and practice Christianity, so there aren't many things she can compare me to. Nonetheless, I know better. Granted, I believe myself to be one of those "good people" I mentioned in the post before this- I still don't have any "wing worthy accomplishments" to speak of, and it seems like I've been striving to obtain them on a much smaller scale than I used to be.

It may be hard to see the Christianity or God in me at times, and other times it might be a major force that you see moving within me. My everyday actions don't blind you with holiness for lack of better words, and my intent is not to distort your vision. However, I would like for it to be noticeable, beyond the shadow of a doubt. Knowing I am Christian, that I attend church and read the Bible (not nearly as much as I should) by my own admission is not enough. There has to be something about me that would make you want to be what I am... a Christian.

I wrote before about having to loosen my ties with hip-hop if I want to truly become one with God. Funny thing is, that's usually the thing that people notice first about me. My ties with music seldom go without notice. My nick name here in Philly is Bonita Applebum for crying out loud. I wish it was like that with my religion. I wish the reference wasn't so much... "Brandi, the hip-hop/music head" as it was "Brandi, a woman of God." I don't even know why I'm wishing like this is a helpless issue. I can easily change these things, fix my walk, put some God in my talk and mean it... seriously.
"A song is not a song unless you sing it.
A bell is not a bell unless you ring it.
Love is not love unless you give it.
A Christian is not a Christian unless they live it."

Praying You See the God in Me,

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