Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Soundtrack of my Life

Not only is this song MAJOR theme music to my existence right now, this video represents pure genius. The extent of it's simplistic creativity never hit me as hard as this morning when I had the sudden urge to peep the video. Granted, everyone whose anyone knows I think Stacey Dash is the most beautiful woman on Earth- my posting this video has nothing to do with that. Really.

And lastly... because I caught this video too many times last week, the way he paid homage to Chaka Khan was ill, and it's a classic by any music buffs admission (unless you're an uninformed poser):

A Champion-Trying to Turn Tragedy to Triumph,


  1. whoa! i was thinkin about writing a post about Stacey Dash and Madonna like 2 days ago... It was goin to b about how gud they look, consderin their age.

    Did u c her playboy pics tho? FIRE!

  2. yea i remember that. but uhhh... lemme get some change w/o a arm i spit!