Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Barack'd the Vote!

Buck Fush!
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Fellow Americans,
It is with the utmost pride and sincerity that I present this writing to you, as a living testament and recollection of history in the making during our generation.

Seriously though, voting made a happy camper out of me today. I've been on the self-proclaimed injured reserved bench for going on two weeks due to this damn sickness I can't shake. However, someone reminded me that the voting primaries was today, and I made it just before the polls closed at 8 to vote for Mr. Obama. Granted, bitchassness prevailed today and Hilary won- I am still proud to say that I used my voice. You'll never catch me complaining about the President when I had every opportunity to help in his choosing YET chose to stay at home and watch the Hills. Really guys, get out there and do something. My readers don't consist of just Philly people- so if you haven't voted yet- find out when your primary is and get to it. I'm 18, today was my first chance at voting, and I took advantage of the opportunity.

Ask not what your country can do for you-
BUT what you can do for ya country,
B (Suddenly Patriotic-lol)

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  1. lol you weren't the only one who was voting for the first time. It was mine's as well...amd I decided to go vote around 12 after I got out of class. But unbeknownst to me, since I had put my home address in Philly on my voter application, I was assigned to go vote in my home district. Since I was unaware of this, I went to the wrong voting district...which was kind of embassasing. It also posed a problem because my day was filled with not only class, but also a math test review. So there was a possibility that I wouldn't have the time to run home and have the opportunity to vote at all. This stress was running through my veins all afternoon. But luckily for me, my teacher went over the test in class and I was able to run home real quick. There was not only a feeling of relief that I was able to vote period, but a feeling of empowerment that I was playing a small part in making a difference in the world of American politics which is embedded with corruption, extortion, and lies. So you know I was super-pissed that Obama lost Pennsylvania. He may have lost that battle, but he certainly was able to win the war...which was a sigh of relief to not only me but to most educated democratic Americans as well.