Monday, February 25, 2008

Brought my Soul Back w/ the Throwback

In a house party on Saturday night, this was the final selection I heard before leaving. [*shout out to Ciara (THE Elegant Independent) for choosing the song- check her blog out, the links on the right side of my page] Needless to say (or is it?)- it brought me back. Not necessarily to the "good ol' days" of "yesteryear", just reminded me of what is and what's not, gender roles, self-worth, etc. Definitely one of those songs I needed to hear at this moment. Hearing this part felt like I was hearing it for the first time:
"Babygirl, respect is just a minimum."

Music is Supposed to Inspire,


  1. I miss Lauryn Hill...she was definitely one of the best lyricists ever. (sigh) The days of good ol' hip hop are definitey long gone in yesteryear. Love the usual ;-) Check me out...I've gotten back on my grind as well, kind of rough around the edges...but I'm getting there.

    Stay up,
    Bee Dee

  2. I still play this joint. As homegirl said above me, Lauryn was definitely one of the realest lyricists out there.

    I can only hope my contributions to this world will be half as powerful as those of true Hip-Hop and unrestrained self-expression.

    Hot throwback, thanks
    -Chucked Deuce-