Monday, February 18, 2008

Shhhh! We're in an Elevator.

Would someone kindly explain to me why the silence (or lack there of) in a library (such as the one I am in now) is more noisy than that which takes place in an elevator?

I got on the elevator today and, unlike the normal nothingness, I hear a bunch of fingers pressing keys in their phone. It's definitely the 21st century. Text messaging has taken over and claimed itself to be the most common resource of communication.

I'd love to make a comparison with those who text and those who "shell-up" upon stepping onto an elevator, but I don't have any proper evidence (besides my observations) to support my theory. Bottom line: people can be so anti-social at times. Who decided that you have to be quiet when riding in an elevator and why in the world did they decide this? Hell, who made their word law? I'm ranting. BUT....

I mean, really. Along with that, I am going to stop apologizing for taking the elevator to the 3rd floor. Granted, it's only two flights of steps, if the elevator wasn't invented to stop at that floor, there wouldn't be a button for it. Maybe I won't stop apologizing for it though, it's an ice breaker which usually leads to laughter... than silence... again. Lucky for me I'm not entertaining this silence all the way to the top floor.

Recommendation: Next time you're riding the elevator just start looking at your hands in amazement. Rotate your wrist and move your fingers as if it's your first time discovering you could move your hands at all. People will start to notice and begin to examine their own hands. It won't break the silence, but it will provide you with your own personal comedy. Tested and proven.

Sick of the Akward Silence,

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