Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ignorant Much?

So... I'm checking my Temple email account, and what wonderful message do I get from school president , Ann Weaver Hart? It began a little something like this:
"I am very sad to be sending you this message. According to reports, early
on the morning of Friday, Feb. 15, a non-Temple student was assaulted on North
Broad St. on Temple University's Main Campus. The assault included anti-Semitic
language and the student was seriously injured. The alleged assailants are all
Temple students."
To say the least, I was disturbed. It's one of those times when you put your hands to your face and scream STOP THE MADNESS! Anti-Semitic? I'm so glad to be an American when people are still walking around thinking the Holocaust was a good international experience. Does it not occur to people that the main advocate of Aryan's (blonde hair, blue eyed people) was a man with dark hair and dark eyes? Stupid leadership for $500, please.

Proud to be an American... or Not,

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