Friday, February 29, 2008

EcoRestore 2008 (It's Me Snitches!)

The video (for those who didn't click play) is a recording of myself, I asked someone to record it right after my first meeting for the EcoRestore trip. For those who aren't going to click play at all (or just have an oober slow computer), EcoRestore is the name of the community service project I'll be involved in over spring break. A group of 50 students (you had to apply, no random selection) are going to Louisiana and Mississippi to replant trees in areas where the ecosystem got really messed up- as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Much to my suprise, these areas don't look too different than they did right after the hurricane hit. They were showing us recent pictures during the meeting... not too impressive. Seeing the pictures shocked me because I thought it would look completely different now.

I can't begin to explain how excited I am to go on this trip, for so many reasons. Of course, its obviously a great way to meet people I probably wouldn't associate with otherwise. It's the most productive spring break I have ever had, thus far. Furthermore, it's extremely self-satisfying. I don't know about you, but I get a certain tingly feeling on the inside knowing I did something to help someone or something... something of value. It would also make a great story for the school paper once I got back on campus, not to mention a great post or two... or three (depends on how good the week goes). I can just imagine myself now: posting angry blogs from feeling overworked. I went into the meeting thinking it can't be that hard to plant a tree. I walked out feeling a little in over my head, but I'm not easily defeated, and I plan to take this project head on. Lastly, I want to experience the effects of Katrina first hand. It's one thing to hear about it, as reported by other people. It's something else to witness it first hand.

Not to mention, I've never been to Louisiana or Mississippi. And to top all of this off... it started snowing while I was waiting to be interviewed by people documenting the trip. It's not like I haven't seen snow before. I'm quite familiar with snow. Yet, for some reason I was intrigued. I had to step outside. Maybe I was just feeling all this positive energy from leaving the meeting with all these seemingly great people. Whatever the case, it was a good place to be in. I bundled up, went outside, and had fun trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue. This experience is definitely underrated. Get with your inner-child sometime. I'm sure they'd appreciate a snowflake on the tip of your tongue every now and then.

The snow also got me thinking about God and how marvelous he is. It was like, I was looking at the snow come and wondering how people could believe God didn't exist when particles of water and ice are randomly falling from the sky. As you can see, I was having a moment. It was nice though. I wanted to share it with you. Let's hope this trip spring break will result in more of these moments. They're definitely good for the soul.

Feeling Blessed (because I am),


  1. I admire you so much; I almost forget that you are "goofingly" human.

  2. Hav "uber" fun. And take LOTS of pictures and videos so I can experience it thru u. : ) mayb ill get a tingly feeling...