Monday, June 16, 2008

Calvin 'Big Brother' Dantley

Before I go off on my tangent.. I've stumbled upon a new artist whose very much dope. I haven't purchased the album yet because- well, truthfully: I don't have a measley $8. However, soon as that's fixed I will be bumping Spanky. Yes, Spanky. Don't cheat yourself. Treat yourself. Click the link and listen to clips for some of the tracks. Now, back to the scheduled program:

It has been a while... a long while- since I've laughed til'
I started tearing. However, that all changed today and I have
the man below (whose pretending to be asleep in a picture/spreading
peanut butter and jelly on bread with a spatula) to thank for that!

So. Cal. This one's for you.

Even in blogs, you're as hilarious as you are in person.

::Running through the parking lot screaming::

p.s. I'll be posting a pic soon so you can see "it"-the lack of NN's.
[If the closing/p.s. doesn't make sense to you, they're probably inside jokes intended for Cal. Don't rack your brain trying to figure it out. It's nothing that deep.]

*More funninness that I just couldn't deny and there's no proper place to put it:

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  1. thank you very much...little sis- hope ur new job goes well. see you in august :-)