Monday, June 9, 2008

Ol' School Soul Food

About 2 years ago, I was riding to church with my Papa and we passed the most gorgeous car I had ever seen in my life. My immediate reaction was to harass my Papa about pulling over and looking inside the car. It was 'for sale by the owner', and I just had to have it. Description?
-1967 Chevy Impala
-Gold paint
-White interior (or should I say guts?)
-White tires w/ gold spokes

*not quite the right pic, but it will d0

I'm no car person, but this thang was definitely a beauty. With that being said, Lyfe Jennings has a song called Ol' School on his new CD where he describes a car using soul food metaphors. Who tells me about it? My pastor: whose also a fan of Lyfe. If the pastors a fan, you know this man's talking about something real. I advise you to cop all 3 of his albums if you don't already have them. Anywho, peep game:
I got this old school the color of soul food

Candied Yam racing stripes, pipes potato white

Cornbread interior trimmed in collard greens

Air freshner smell like chicken and pork and beans

Doesn't hurt that me and my sister were just discussing how southerners have a completely different level of appreciation for cooking... home cooking to be precise, and soul food to be exact. If you aren't from down hurr', I don't expect you to understand. I'll just pray for ya :)

If You Don't Know-You Better Ask Somebody,

*Excuse my absence. Please & thank you.


  1. Listen Lady, last time I checked Jamaica is further south than NC...therefore...soul food (typical soul food that is i.e. fried chicken, yams, mac n cheese, collard greens) aint touchin Jerk Chicken, rice n peas, n curried anything. Its a WI thing.... lol. =)

  2. both of yall can shush...i love both- and im not from either one. and just a little tid bit B...when i was younger i used to build model cars- that was one i built and it was my favorite as well. you have good taste

  3. what are you two? partners in the feds.. geesh. its my blog so if i say the south wins and YALL (yes-yall) dont understand our appreciation.. im right. duh. lol

    cal, anymore fun facts? lol i love you