Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers: If You Aint Saved, You Aint Suited

I'm a bit late on the Father's Day post, I know. I'm actually getting this posted on Monday, but as you can see by the date- I started writing this on the right day.

Let's handle business. I didn't plan on posting a pic of me and the man version of me (cause I haven't been too hot on him lately) or writing a Father's Day post at all, but it only seems right since everyone else has (*really just Maddie and Dom). Not to mention, today's church sermon made me realize a few things and gave me a new sense of appreciation for him. With that being said:

*Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Alright. Let's take em' to church. The gist of the sermon I heard today is given away in the title. My pastor spoke about how every child that makes it out the womb makes it by the grace of God. However, whether you live to be 95 or are aborted as a fetus... God had already numbered your days. Furthermore, you don't have babies because you have sex (again, it's by God's choosing), and having a child doesn't mean you are suitable to be a father. What makes you suitable? Being saved.

I realize everyone reading this may not share my religion, but opinions are like buttwholes- we all have one, and this is the one shared by my pastor. Proceeding: the sins of the child are carried by their parents. So, 'before a man can be a good father, he's got to have a good God'.

Now when sharing this idea w/ a friend he asked, 'So a man can't be a good father if he isn't saved.' My thought on this, thus far, is that he may be good parent by wordly standards- but not by virtue, because if you aren't raising your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord then you are doing them a disservice. Furthermore, he isn't truly a man himself until he turns his life over to God.

So, that's that. As far as the man I call daddy... church made me realize just how much I appreciate him. He definitely falls short of a good father by a few standards, but he's alright with me. I know that he loves me unconditionally. I can call on him whenever I am afraid, and I find immediate comfort. The joke Julie used to always make last semester was, "Don't make Brandi dial 2!" (He's #2 on my speed dial) All in all, it is what it is. Excuse the word play, but that's exactly how I feel. How about you?

Daddy's Girl... Still,


  1. i love my dad too. i think everyone has some times when hes not ur favorite person, but when u move out and look back you wont even remember those times- or maybe you will but i hope you dont :-)

    the kite runner was a good movie- didnt read the book but i heard the movie was right on.

    hope sumemr is goin well

  2. I hate that he always beats me to the punch. Never the less, I agree with what Mr. Man said. When you leave for a while and come back you appreciate him differently. I've seen my own father's shortcomings and triumphs and love him all the more because of them.

    And The Kite Runner straight up made me cry, it was a good read last summer, same with the Color of Water.

    <3 u

  3. yo all u did was get taller!.. same Brandi.. thats good no changes just for the better :*