Saturday, June 28, 2008

Intrigued... to say the least

I was posting something from my phone last night on the way back to Charlotte from my aunts Waleemah (Muslim wedding reception) in Durham, only to realize that the page didn't upload properly on my phone and I couldn't post it or save it as a draft. I was basically expressing how intrigued I was by the Muslim women and their way of life.

First things first, I realized that the Muslim faith is a very organized religion. You can claim Christianity and not practice it, but to be Muslim is to be obedient. Half way through the reception, some of the women left to go into another room and pray. Impressed, much? I was.

Furthermore, it seems as if people are made to believe that Muslim women are servants to their husband. From spending time with the Muslims in my family, I've come to view their obedience as one that stems from trust and respect. I only hope to be as trusting and respecting of my husband.

However, the most intriguing part of my experience with the Muslims in my family is interacting with the women who have every body part covered except for their eyes. Because their outfit doesn't provide any other visual distractions, I'm compelled to make eye contact. As a result, I feel like we are more connected during our conversation. I don't know if I'm explaining this correctly, but... that's how I felt.

Did I mention that my aunt was a BEAUTIFUL bride? You know I would post pictures up in a heart beat, but since all the women were in an area separate from the men, their faces and bodies were exposed, so I couldn't post the pictures for anyone else to view anyway. That was something else that intrigued me. When the women left the area our reception was held in, they had to recover themselves in full. I viewed this as a hassle. I don't think they had any second thoughts about. Which also makes me think, how much pride do you think a man would have in a women that has only been "unveiled" in his presence? That's something else.

I'm not switching religions on you or anything, but I'm definitely intrigued. We all know pork chops and me have a love thing- B Harg. aint giving up the swine. I will be making it my personal goal to read the Qu'ran this year. There are many questions I have which I'm sure can be answered in reading.

Respectfully Learning Religions,

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