Monday, June 2, 2008

Cruise Control

Do I look happy? I have been lately. This 'being content' thing is not as easy as it seems though. Anywho, the pic from above (along with the others on this post) was taken yesterday. I went out on Lake Norman and heard poetry/a band play while chilling on a yacht. It was as nice as it sounds, with the exception of the heat. I just realized how little I've actually written about what has occurred at home since being back. Most importantly, since last Thursday. I went to my first poetry event in Charlotte. I've been excited to discover that there's actually any type of cultural scene out here. Ignorance is bliss, and I definitely wasn't in the know.

However, that error has been corrected. Tommy Bottoms was featured at the spot I went to Thursday (The Wine Up). I had seen him perform in Philadelphia at Philalive (missin' that!) so it was no biggie. I was just happy to be in my element. I shook a few hands, met some great people, exchanged a few numbers and found myself sailing on a yacht with them by the end of the week. Seriously though, when I first got home I was worried because I felt like I had experienced so much growth at school as a result of poetry- then, I came home to find that everything here was still the same or at a stand still. Thursday night gave me hope.

Then Sunday was equally wonderful, and tomorrow I will be attending an open mic. Did I mention that I heard a great band play on (what I think was) Saturday night... just vicious. The way the people danced to the music really tripped me out. They were truly feeling the music. You haven't danced to music until you've felt what they did and expressed it in a similar manner. Whether or not you are on beat is irrelevant. Oh yeah? The music playing? Compliments of Lovo. He's one of the poets (featured in the pic below) I met on Thursday that has been stuck with me ever since. My first time listening to the Estelle CD was in his car. He's made a fan out of me. Her CD is definitely worth the buying, but for now I'll give you a track off IMEEM.

This is Life,

*As usual, blame IMEEM if Shine by Estelle isn't playing.

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