Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tell Me All About It

I stole that line from Nikki Jean, but I mean it just the same. It hit me last night that in 3 months, I will have had this blog for a year. I can vividly remember the night someone got in my butt about starting one (*Beans) or the first conversation I had with my sister about using a blog as a personal reference to watch the growth of my writing while in college.

Now, I would actually like to know from EVERY single one of you (the readers) what it is that keeps you coming back. If this is your first time here, what compelled you to check it out? What other topics would you like for me to write about or hear my opinion on? Is there anything I could do to change the blog -appearance wise- that might make it more appealing?

I feel that quality is more important than quantity. So, for a moment I was anti-counter. If it's not viewed that often but the material is thorough and appreciated- it's all good. However, I would like to know the size audience I'm reaching and their opinions. So... tell me all about it.

Really. Leave a Comment-Let Me Know Something,


  1. I haven't been following ya blog the entire time but i read it cause you're intriguing person and insight into another bright mind is fascinating!...there

  2. I didn't get the time to fully get to know you in high school, which is a shame. But writing and music are two bridges that link us together and make us very similar, especially in our goals for the future.

    To me, the page is a garden, and the words are the buds. So I keep up with your blog to see how you bloom. Your blog varies from subject to subject--sometimes poetic, personal, informative, and usually always motivating. It helps me see what kinda person you are and also who I'm competing with (lol). So I look up to you.

    Anything else I can blab about? Hm, page-wise. What happened to those cool quotes you had on the side? I liked those...(unless you're just adding them to that one entry a while back). And more photography never hurts :-)

    lol, aiight I'm done. You can expect me to talk your head off on this one. But sue me, good support ain't eva hurt nobody.

    -Chucked Deuce-

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  4. well u n chris put me on so i read both of yours in the beginning because it helped me find my voice, but now i feel like its more of a good habit- its like checkin a person on FB but better because its always something different, interesting, and smart.

    you read a lot- put more of that knowledge on here- start a book list/club (im down for that no homo)

  5. i somehow stumbled across your blog and with every post, i feel you. it's weird to meet some one that lives a thousand plus miles away and relate to them through words. you're an inspiration and your words, at times, leaves me speechless. keep it up. god bless!

  6. ::blushes::

    ya'll are good for my self-esteem.

    anonymous: your words are much appreciated. im constantly wondering if this is only read by my peers. there's my answer.

    cal: a book list is a hella suggestion. im gonna run with that one.

    B: i think im gonna add some more quotes onto the side.. thinking. and youre right on the need for photography. i just never know what to put up fa real but i figure no one jus wants to see a bunch of words.. "says the writer" lol