Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Can't Quite Find the Words

"It's not that I don't want to be friends,
but driving backwards is how you get into accidents."

I've gotten pretty good at this defensive driving thing, and I no longer feel the need to look in the rearview. However, I can back up for a brief moment to tell you happy birthday. If I could say it directly, I would. For some reason, that's not coming too easily. I'm not one for fronting- so to be honest, for the 3 days leading up to this- I've been trying to determine in what way I would say this to you that would cause the least amount of uneasiness and still seem genuine. This mode of communication will have to suffice, and I'm just going on the faith that you read this. I'm actually angry for feeling the need to do even this much... still. But hey, this is who I am and who I'll always be, and I'll never change-this is always me.

Happy Birthday

Praying Everyday That You Can Look in the Mirror
And Love Who You Are/What You've Become,



  1. AAWWW look at the lil pre school undies AWWWWW

  2. those are superman undies
    aka: big thangs poppin lol

    you better recognize!

  3. [WoW]

    That was so nice did yall plan to get tats there?

    Hopefully he read it Happy BDay TO HIM!!!!!!

    [d a v e]