Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back in Session

School's back in session. You should know what that means. More of my personal experiences rather than life lessons. It's all good though. Whatever the case- I'm back on campus... back to doing my "me" thing. You know, the mature, responsible, adult "gig"- only to be reminded that I'm still new to this job. I will only offer two examples demonstrating how much of a novice I am at this "being a grown up" thing.

Example 1: School started today (on a Tuesday). I woke up (running late, might I add: the blog I did about waking up and staying up... let's just say those words were disregarded), threw on some clothes, and barely made it to class on time. I had planned to wake up an hour and 40min. before the actual class time to fit in breakfast. That didn't happen. Then, being in such a rush, I sit down in the class and realize I'm in the wrong place. HOWEVER, I was was almost positive that it was the correct room and the correct time. Yet, I still sat in class the entire period, signed the roster, and actively participated. Can anyone say foolish pride? I already bursted my way through the door late and disruptive, I didn't want to randomly leave. So I sat there. Upon looking over my schedule and running late for (what I thought) was my next class, I realized I was following the schedule for Monday instead of Tuesday. Aren't I a genius? Prior to this realization, I had even emailed the teachers from the classes I was supposed to be in, told them I believed I was at the right class but clearly wasn't, and wanted to be informed if there was a room change. Of course, all the teachers emailed me back saying that I was at the right class, but at the wrong time. My only request was that this circumstance be no reflection to them of my intelligence. Classic.

Example 2: The person who invented the bed skirt had no life. I was trying to put on a new bed set and went back and forth with the frickin' bed skirt for 15minutes too long before figuring out that I was supposed to put it under the mattress. My mom would have been much appreciated at this time. I never knew she went through so much to make our beds. The pictures below are are just proof of the foolishness. Observe my slow and painful progress- progress none the less.

Finally moving the mattress.
Bed skirt and mattress down.
Putting on the bed sheets.
Contentment is Key,



    That's all I could do.
    I heart you, and I'm sorry! LOL

  2. bed skirts are the devil...
    i completely understand
    your first day of classes...hilarious
    its okay to have a brain fart ...it happens to the best of us..and you're a gassy one haha..
    dont feel bad.