Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cat Killer

It's official. I'm a cat killer.

I might go to school in Philadelphia, but I stay in Charlotte, NC, and my house just happens to be located in what most people call the "boondocks". Anywho, it's 6 in the morning (I should have been in the house), foggy beyond reason, I'm on a winding country road, and (duh) it's dark. I can only see things that are directly in front of the car, and putting on high beams only worsens this condition. I'm driving, and out of nowhere appears a cat. I went into an immediate state of shock (I honestly don't even think I hit the brakes), and I was repeating over and over in my mind, really fast, that I hope the cat made it across the road in time.

It didn't.

I heard and felt when the car hit it. There were two BUMP sounds. My friend told me later on that this means that not only did I hit it, I hit it with my front tires and then again with my back tires. Needless to say, I felt horrible- hence me writing a blog about it. I went back this morning to see if it was going to be there, and it wasn't. Hopefully it made it alive. A crippled cat's better than a dead one, right? For the sake of my conscious, I hope so. If the cat belonged to anyone, assuming it wasn't a random-stray cat, my apologies. Really.

Contentment is Key,
-the 'contentment' closing doesn't seem to fit this time, but.. uh.. yeah.

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  1. Lol, girl we both cat killers. Remember when I hit that deer and the front bumper of the caddy was smashed in.. well, the very next week I ran over a cat in my mother's drive way, and it was in the middle of the day! But we know I can't see :(