Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rules for 08'

1. Take too many pictures. There's nothing wrong with being a camera whore. Every moment that passes is one I can't relive, but I can always capture them.
*yellow is the nail color for this week

2. Don't hold onto any thing or person that hinders my growth. I can do bad by myself... no more bringing myself down to build others up.

3. No grudges held. People will do what they want and it is what it is. Take it with a grain of salt, chalk it up as a lesson learned, and keep moving.

4. Set my own goals/standards and accomplish them.

5. If I'm not with the ones I love, I'll love the ones I am with. The company kept will not always be of my preference, but they're there nonetheless. I will appreciate them and what they bring to the table.

6. Remember that love is love, and though there are books and quizzes directing people towards the "right one"- we are not all the same, therefore we don't love the same, and I can't hold expectations according to my interpretation of love. Accept it for what it is and acknowledge it as such.

7. Getting by has never been, but is definitely no longer acceptable. I want to be able to say, at all times, that I did my best. There should never be a situation where I 'could have done better or tried harder'.

8. Continue to find satisfaction in my undivided attention and personal time. It keeps me sane.

9. Take time to laugh, even if no one else does :)

10. Make Mommy proud, but live for me.

11. Give God premature praise. I will thank him, even when I'm unsure of what is to come.
*none of these are set in stone, hopefully I'll add on as time progresses

Contentment is Key,


  1. Correction: Rules for Life.

    It's a very good list, and I hope you stick with and accomplish all of it.

    Happiness and determination that can be annual should probably be perpetual.

    Stay fresh, B

    -Chucked Deuce-
    the one with an "e" on the end.

  2. i LOVE number 10. perfectly said